Cloudflare 看 HTTP/3 的使用率

Cloudflare 利用自家平台分析過去一年 HTTP/3 的使用率:「Examining HTTP/3 usage one year on」。


然後各種 bot (像是搜尋引擎的 bot 或是 social media 的 bot) 看起來幾乎都沒有用 HTTP/3,少數的量應該都是實驗性質居多,唯一的例外是 LinkedIn 有試著在導入,可以看到慢慢的爬升:


nginx 開始嘗試支援 HTTP/3

Hacker News 上看到「Nginx 1.25.0: experimental HTTP/3 support (」這則消息,從 nginx 1.25.0 開始可以用 HTTP/3

HTTP/2 最大的差異就是從以往的 TCP 改到 UDP 上了,這是基於 QUIC 的經驗弄出來的東西...

nginx 的支援算是等了一陣子了,不過沒有當初 HTTP/1.1SPDY 的進步這麼明顯,我自己就沒有跟的那麼緊了。

這樣以後 office firewall 預設應該會再開 443/udp?

CloudFront 支援 HTTP/3

雖然 HTTP/3 還沒有進到 Standard Track,但看到 CloudFront 宣佈支援 HTTP/3 了:「New – HTTP/3 Support for Amazon CloudFront」。

只要在 CloudFront 的 console 上勾選起來就可以了:

看了看 RFC 9114: HTTP/3 文件裡的描述,client 可以試著建立 UDP 版本的 QUIC 連線,但要有機制在失敗時回去用 TCPHTTP/2 或是 HTTP/1.1

A client MAY attempt access to a resource with an "https" URI by resolving the host identifier to an IP address, establishing a QUIC connection to that address on the indicated port (including validation of the server certificate as described above), and sending an HTTP/3 request message targeting the URI to the server over that secured connection. Unless some other mechanism is used to select HTTP/3, the token "h3" is used in the Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN; see [RFC7301]) extension during the TLS handshake.

Connectivity problems (e.g., blocking UDP) can result in a failure to establish a QUIC connection; clients SHOULD attempt to use TCP-based versions of HTTP in this case.

另外一條路是在 TCP 連線時透過 HTTP header 告訴瀏覽器升級:

An HTTP origin can advertise the availability of an equivalent HTTP/3 endpoint via the Alt-Svc HTTP response header field or the HTTP/2 ALTSVC frame ([ALTSVC]) using the "h3" ALPN token.


Alt-Svc: h3=":50781"

然後 client 就可以跑上 HTTP/3:

On receipt of an Alt-Svc record indicating HTTP/3 support, a client MAY attempt to establish a QUIC connection to the indicated host and port; if this connection is successful, the client can send HTTP requests using the mapping described in this document.

另外在 FAQ 裡面有提到啟用 HTTP/3 是不另外計費的,就照著本來的 request 費用算:

Q. Is there a separate charge for enabling HTTP/3?

No, there is no separate charge for enabling HTTP/3 on Amazon CloudFront distributions. HTTP/3 requests will be charged at the request pricing rates as per your pricing plan.