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算是為什麼企業要提供 Full Routing VPN 的一個攻擊管道的說明...

這篇介紹了在飯店裡透過 WiFi 攻擊企業的高階主管,想辦法塞木馬取得資訊,或是滲透進企業內部的網路:「Hackers are using hotel Wi-Fi to spy on guests, steal data」。

Those behind the campaign have continually evolved their tactics and malware payloads, blending phishing and social engineering with a complex Trojan, in order to conduct espionage on corporate research and development personnel, CEOs, and other high-ranking corporate officials.

有點介於 APT 與一般性的攻擊中間...

安倍政權打算規範民宿,使得 Airbnb 變成非法

日本市場是 Airbnb 成長最快的市場 (參考「Airbnb to Boost Japan Listings, Its Fastest-Growing Market」),也使得日本的旅館業者想透過立法手段打擊 Airbnb 這類服務:「Airbnb Faces Major Threat in Japan, Its Fastest-Growing Market」。

Under pressure from the hotel industry and a populace concerned with the surge of foreigners in their neighborhoods, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government has released guidelines for home sharing -- called minpaku in Japanese -- that could make most Airbnb rentals in the country illegal.

不過 Airbnb 的手腕感覺上比 Uber 來的軟一點 (雖然比起其他企業還是很硬),應該會試著以遊說的方式阻擋?



從「Hotel fines $500 for every bad review posted online」這篇看到的消息,要再 Yelp 上維持好評價的方式:

The Union Street Guest House, near Catskills estates built by the Vanderbilts and Rockefellers, charges couples who book weddings at the venue $500 for every bad review posted online by their guests.

If you take down the nasty review, you’ll get your money back.

這方法好讚啊 XDDD

自從報導出來後,Yelp 上的頁面「Union Street Guest House - Hudson, NY | Yelp」就透露出這家飯店的真實了... 一戰成名啊 XDDD