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對每個月一次的「Ask HN: Who is Hiring?」分析

timqian/hacker-job-trends 這個用 Node.js 開發的專案是針對 Hacker News 上的「Ask HN: Who is Hiring?」分析 (每個月一篇,拿來提供各家人馬留 comment 徵才的),把關鍵字丟進程式,程式就會分析每個月的出現數量,在 terminal 上產生趨勢圖表。而且支援加法或是減法計算,可以用在去掉重複的字 (像是 javajavascript)。



裝起來後看 php 的量好慘啊 XDDD


2015 的文章以及演講,最近冒出來看到的。GooglePeter Norvig 提到了用 ML 的方式分析,發現程式競賽的成績與工作品質的負面相關性:「Being good at programming competitions correlates negatively with being good on the job」。

換句話說,程式競賽的成績反而是是個負面指標 (對於 Google 內的情況分析出來的,所以是基於 Google hiring process 的前提過濾過的)。

In this talk, Peter talked about how Google did machine learning and at one point he mentioned that at Google they also applied machine learning to hiring. He said that one thing that was surprising to him was that being a winner at programming contests was a negative factor for performing well on the job.


Peter added that programming contest winners are used to cranking solutions out fast and that you performed better at the job if you were more reflective and went slowly and made sure things were right.

YouTube 的留言處也有一些猜測,像是:

What he's talking about is the fact that several extremely important parts of software engineering are not included in these contests, for example code reusability, maintainability, decomposition of the problem using the OO paradigm, etc. All of these make a good engineer, but are not necessarily needed in competitive programming contests.