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Slack 收購 HipChat 與 Stride

雖然 Slack 這邊新聞稿的標題是「Atlassian + Slack」,不過不是直接買下 Atlassian,而是收購 Atlassian 下面的兩個產品,HipChatStride。另外 Atlassian 這邊的新聞稿在這:「Announcing our new partnership with Slack」。

HipChat 與 Stride 現有的使用者都會被轉移到 Slack,並且會終止這兩個產品線:

As part of this partnership, Atlassian will discontinue Hipchat and Stride, and provide a migration path to Slack for all their customers. We are purchasing the IP for Hipchat Cloud and Stride to better support that path to Slack, while Atlassian is making a small, but symbolically important investment in our business.

As part of this partnership, Atlassian has made an equity investment in Slack, and Slack has acquired the IP for Stride and Hipchat Cloud, both of which we will discontinue. We will also be discontinuing Hipchat Server and Hipchat Data Center and working with Slack to provide a migration path for customers of all four products.

對使用者算是好下場吧,至少不是被完全不相干的單位收購... (像是前幾天的「TRON 買下 BitTorrent Inc.」)

用 irssi + xmpp 連上 HipChat...

HipChat 算是個很有趣的服務,不過實際使用後可以發現效率沒有 command line 的 irssi 好,畢竟 irc 就是以溝通為主的工具。

但 HipChat 可以保留紀錄並且透過 iOS 及 Android device 存取的特性彌補了這個缺點,甚至掩蓋掉原來的缺點。所以接下來就是想辦法用 irssi 連上 HipChat,如果可以的話就可以兼顧了...

網路上其實有不少資料,irssi 可以透過 HipChat 的 XMPP 界面連上,也就是 irssi-xmpp 這個套件。

不過這個套件在 FreeBSD ports 裡是 0.51 版,會 core dump... 雖然送了 0.52 版的 patch 進去 (ports/177466: [patch] Update of irc/irssi-xmpp to 0.52),不過不知道什麼時候才會進去...

幾個步驟要做,首先是 .irssi/startup 內要載入 xmpp,然後設定 alternative_nick

/load xmpp
/set alternative_nick Gea-Suan Lin

然後在 .irssi/config 內設定:(本來應該就有 servers & chatnets 了,自己補上就好)

servers = (
    address = "conf.hipchat.com";
    chatnet = "hipchat";
    password = "hipchat_password";
    port = "5223";
    use_ssl = "Yes";
    autoconnect = "Yes"

chatnets = {
  hipchat = {
    type = "XMPP";
    nick = "two_hipchat_number@chat.hipchat.com";

然後在 channels 裡就可以指定 channel 了:

channels = (
    name = "two_room_identifier@conf.hipchat.com";
    chatnet = "hipchat";
    autojoin = "Yes";

主要是參考「Config for Irssi to connect to various XMPP chat servers. Replace the passwords, usernames an ids by your own. Remember, the irssi-xmpp (http://cybione.org/~irssi-xmpp/) plugin is requried.」這份設定測出來的。