Adobe 與 Google 共同推出 CJK 字型

AdobeGoogle 合作推出了 CJK 字型:「隆重介紹 思源黑體:開放原始碼 Pan-CJK 字型」、「Noto: A CJK Font That is Complete, Beautiful and Right for Your Language and Region」。

這些字體在 Adobe 與 Google 會叫做不同的名稱:

Google will release it as Noto Sans CJK as part of Google's Noto font family. Adobe will release it as Source Han Sans as a part of Adobe's Source family.

字體是由 Adobe 的西塚涼子所開發,而 Adobe 也擁有字型的著作權,並以 Apache License 2.0 放出來。

而 Google 也有說明這些字型參與的過程:

Google contributed significant input into project direction, helped to define requirements, provided in-country testing resources and expertise, and provided funding that made this project possible.

而 Adobe 的部份:

Adobe brought strong design and technical prowess to the table, along with proven in-country type design experience, massive coordination, and automation.


In addition, three leading East Asian type foundries were also brought in to design and draw a bulk of the glyphs—Changzhou SinoType Technology, Iwata Corporation, and Sandoll Communication—due to the sheer size of the project and their local expertise.

字體可以在 Google Noto Fonts 裡直接下載取得。