AWS Ground Station 增加了巴林的基地站

先前 AWS Ground Station 提供的地面站都在美國 (美東與美西),這代表有些衛星就打不到了... 這次宣佈增加中東巴林的點,差不多是美西的對面,也因此增加了不少涵蓋率:「AWS Ground Station is now available in Middle East (Bahrain) region」。

雖然現在的公司有在用衛星,但以價錢與支援的頻帶看起來,應該連測試都沒機會... XD

如果你有衛星 (對,衛星),可以玩看看 AWS Ground Station

AWS 推出的新服務,AWS Ground Station:「AWS Ground Station – Ingest and Process Data from Orbiting Satellites」。

AWS 目前在地面上見了兩個基地站 (預定要成長到 12 個),這個服務可以跟衛星溝通:

Ground Stations – As I mentioned earlier, we are launching today with 2 ground stations, and will have a total of 12 in operation by 2019. We will monitor utilization and demand, and will build additional stations and antennas as needed.


Pricing – Pricing is per-minute of downlink time, with an option to pre-pay for blocks of minutes.

看起來是給租用衛星頻寬的人用的... 不過當初會決定作這個服務是吸了什麼 XDDD