DeepMind 的 Gopher

DeepMind 丟出新聞稿,提到了 Gopher 這個比 OpenAI 家的 GPT-3 更暴力的 language model:「Language modelling at scale: Gopher, ethical considerations, and retrieval」。

GPT-3 是 175 billion 個參數,Gopher 則是拉到 280 billion,加上 tune 了不少東西,在成績上面可以看出來好不少:

另外是主打反歧視與倫理道德標準 (在「Ethical and social risks from Large Language Models」這邊提到)。

看起來主要是推出對應的產品,跟 OpenAI 家對打...

用 SessionGopher 拉出機器上各種密碼與 Key

同事在 Slack 上提到 fireeye/SessionGopher 這個工具,可以從機器上拉出各種敏感資訊:

SessionGopher is a PowerShell tool that uses WMI to extract saved session information for remote access tools such as WinSCP, PuTTY, SuperPuTTY, FileZilla, and Microsoft Remote Desktop. It can be run remotely or locally.

方法是掃 registry 或是硬碟:

SessionGopher works by querying the HKEY_USERS hive for all users who have logged onto a domain-joined box at some point. It extracts PuTTY, WinSCP, SuperPuTTY, FileZilla, and RDP saved session information. It automatically extracts and decrypts WinSCP, FileZilla, and SuperPuTTY saved passwords. When run in Thorough mode, it also searches all drives for PuTTY private key files (.ppk) and extracts all relevant private key information, including the key itself, as well as for Remote Desktop (.rdp) and RSA (.sdtid) files.

是個... 好玩... 的... 東西...

MetaFilter 的 Gopher 服務 (!!!) 在十五年後復出

現在大家都在流行復古... 關閉十五年的 Gopher 服務重新開起來了:「Direct your gopher client to gopher://」。

現在的瀏覽器好像都拔掉了,懷舊的人可以用 Lynx 連上去,可以看到長這樣: