Python 的原生 multithreading 支援

Simon Willison 這邊看到的:「Real Multithreading is Coming to Python - Learn How You Can Use It Now」,他引用的原文在「Real Multithreading is Coming to Python - Learn How You Can Use It Now」這邊,在講 Python 3.12 將會有原生 multithreading 支援。

Python 裡知名的 GIL 問題將會用 Per-Interpreter GIL 的技術來解決,把 GIL 的 global-based 改寫變成 thread-based:

With introduction of "Per-Interpreter GIL", individual Python interpreters don't share the same GIL anymore. This level of isolation allows each of these sub-interpreters to run really concurrently.

這算是基礎建設,之後應該會有蠻長的陣痛期要轉換,尤其是各個其他程式語言寫的 library 要考慮到 thread-safe 的問題。

話說回來,PHP 就沒繼續討論過 threading 這個問題了,大家還是繼續用 process 架構在搞 XD

Google 弄出來的 Grumpy:把 Python 2.7 的程式碼轉成 Go...

Google 放出 Grumpy,可以把 Python 2.7 的程式碼轉成 Go:「Grumpy: Go running Python!」。


This sad to see that Grumpy is mean to be a replacement of CPython 2.7 instead of CPython 3.x . I presume the code from youtube was written in python 2.x hence the reason but I hope we'll see Grumpy supporting python 3.x :)

回到原文,這次的需求主要是出自 YouTube 的需求:

The front-end server that drives and YouTube’s APIs is primarily written in Python, and it serves millions of requests per second! YouTube’s front-end runs on CPython 2.7, so we’ve put a ton of work into improving the runtime and adapting our application to work optimally within it.

然後 Python 的 GIL 又被拿出來鞭屍:

除了 C extension 不支援外,還是有些「過於動態」的語法不支援:

exec, eval and compile: These dynamic features of CPython are not supported by Grumpy because Grumpy modules consist of statically compiled Go code. Supporting dynamic execution would require bundling Grumpy programs with the compilation toolchain which would be unwieldy and impractically slow.

這樣可用的範圍少不少,這個專案可以當作 YouTube 這種規模的網站所做的改善,而不是什麼可以拿來用的工具 :o