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AWS 的 OpenJDK 11 (Amazon Corretto 11) 推出 General Availability 版

先前在「AWS 決定花力氣支援 OpenJDK (Corretto 計畫)」與「Amazon 版的 OpenJDK 8 進入 GA」後的下一步,就是對 OpenJDK 11 也推出對應的 Amazon Corretto 11:「Amazon Corretto 11 is Now Generally Available」。

這個版本將至少支援到 2024 年 8 月,也就是五年的支援期:

Long-term support (LTS) for Corretto includes performance enhancements and security updates for Corretto 8 until at least June 2023 at no cost. Updates are planned to be released quarterly. Amazon will provide LTS for Corretto 11 with quarterly updates until at least August 2024.

不過先前有些軟體測試時發現 OpenJDK 11 上不能跑,這些軟體還是得暫時用 OpenJDK 8 的版本來養...

Amazon 版的 OpenJDK 8 進入 GA

去年 11 月的時候 AWS 宣佈了要自己維護 OpenJDK 套件的計畫 Amazon Corretto:「AWS 決定花力氣支援 OpenJDK (Corretto 計畫)」,現在這個計畫的 OpenJDK 8 進入 GA (General Availability):「Amazon Corretto 8 Now Generally Available」。

之前有提到進入 GA 其中一個重點是提供 .rpm.deb 套件安裝,目前可以看到文件已經提供了,不過目前還只能手動下載安裝並更新:「Amazon Corretto 8 Installation instructions for Debian-based and RPM-based Linux distributions」。

與其他版本的差異可以在「Change Log for Amazon Corretto 8」這邊看到 AWS 修改的內容。

MySQL 版本的 Amazon Aurora 會將各種記錄丟到 CloudWatch Logs 了...

剛好今天才被問是不是可以在 Amazon Aurora (MySQL-Compatible Edition) 裡面翻出有哪些 Slow Query,剛好想到這幾天發表了這個功能:「Amazon Aurora Publishes General, Slow Query and Error Logs to Amazon CloudWatch」。

You can now configure the MySQL-compatible edition of Amazon Aurora to publish general logs, slow query logs, and error logs to Amazon CloudWatch Logs. Previously, you could only publish audit logs.

看起來是要另外開 (畢竟 CloudWatch Logs 不是免費的 XD),不過以這類型的 log 產生速度與數量來說應該還行...

GitHub 上的軟體授權分佈

雖然 GitHub 有提供 license 相關的 API 可以查,但因為準確度不高 (只要稍微改到,GitHub 就無法偵測到正確的 license),所以有人決定用 machine learning 的方式另外分析:「Detecting licenses in code with Go and ML」。當然這邊是分析公開的部份:

最大包的是 MIT License,次之是 Apache-2.0 (問號那群先不管),再來是 GPL 家族的各版本。沒有太特別的意外發生...

MySQL 8.0 正式推出 (GA,General Availability)

Oracle 推出了 MySQL 8.0 (GA,General Availability):「MySQL 8.0 – Announcing GA of the MySQL Document Store」。在「What’s New in MySQL 8.0? (Generally Available)」這邊也花了一些篇幅介紹 MySQL 8.0 的新功能。


  • Descending Indexes
  • Information Schema (speed up)
  • Performance Schema (speed up)
  • INVISIBLE Indexes
  • Scaling Read/Write Workloads
  • Utilizing IO Capacity (Fast Storage)
  • Better Performance upon High Contention Loads (“hot rows”)

不過就實用性來說,效能的提昇還是最直接的... 接下來等 Percona 的人 porting 了。

Percona Server 引入 MyRocks

看到「MyRocks Engine: Things to Know Before You Start」這篇,才發現原來一月的時候 Percona Server 就已經將 MyRocks GA (General Availability) 了:「Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.20-19 Is Now Available」。

New Features:
Now MyRocks Storage Engine has General Availability status.


Now if you use Percona repositories, you can simply install MyRocks plugin and enable it with ps-admin --enable-rocksdb.

另外文章裡也提到了重要的差異 (在「What other differences should you be aware of?」這段),像是他並不是每個 table 都一個檔案,而是像早期 InnoDB 的作法,整個一包:

Let’s look at the directory layout. Right now, all tables and all databases are stored in a hidden .rocksdb directory inside mysqldir. The name and location can be changed, but still all tables from all databases are stored in just a series of .sst files. There is no per-table / per-database separation.

另外提到可以看到 Engine 的代碼是 ROCKSDB (從 ENGINE=ROCKSDB 那段看到的)。然後是 Isolation level 的支援度,只有 READ-COMMITTEDSERIALIZABLE,沒有 REPEATABLE-READ

Keep in mind that at this time MyRocks supports only READ-COMMITTED and SERIALIZABLE isolation levels. There is no REPEATABLE-READ isolation level and no gap locking like in InnoDB. In theory, RocksDB should support SNAPSHOT isolation level. However, there is no notion of SNAPSHOT isolation in MySQL so we have not implemented the special syntax to support this level. Please let us know if you would be interested in this.

然後 bulk load 在資料量超過記憶體大小時會有已知的 crash 問題:

For bulk loads, you may face problems trying to load large amounts of data into MyRocks (and unfortunately this might be the very first operation when you start playing with MyRocks as you try to LOAD DATA, INSERT INTO myrocks_table SELECT * FROM innodb_table or ALTER TABLE innodb_table ENGINE=ROCKSDB). If your table is big enough and you do not have enough memory, RocksDB crashes. As a workaround, you should set rocksdb_bulk_load=1 for the session where you load data.

然後目前沒有像 XtraBackup 的工具可以用,現階段如果要備份的話得透過傳統的方式來做 (mysqldump 或是 filesystem snapshot):

Right now there is no hot backup software like Percona XtraBackup to perform a hot backup of MyRocks tables (we are looking into this). At this time you can use mysqldump for logical backups, or use filesystem-level snapshots like LVM or ZFS.


Amazon EC2 再推出兩款新機種:M5 與 H1

Amazon EC2 的新機種發表:「M5 – The Next Generation of General-Purpose EC2 Instances」、「H1 Instances – Fast, Dense Storage for Big Data Applications」。

M5M4 的後續機種 (General Purpose),所以就沒什麼特別好講的了... H1 則是與 D2 接近,而且也應該算是後繼的機種 (Dense Storage),看了看內容感覺只是個升級 (雖然給他一個新的 family type),所以也沒什麼好講...


M5 三區:

You can launch M5 instances today in the US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Oregon), and EU (Ireland) Regions in On-Demand and Spot form (Reserved Instances are also available), with additional Regions in the works.

H1 四區:

H1 instances are available today in the US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Oregon), US East (Ohio), and EU (Ireland) Regions.

產品發表會固定會有的升級 XD

Lambda@Edge 的 GA

AWSLambda@Edge 宣佈 GA 了:「Lambda@Edge – Intelligent Processing of HTTP Requests at the Edge」。

最直接的應用就是在 CloudFront 的 edge 上執行一小段 code,修改 HTTP request 或是 HTTP response 了,不過可以看到一些限制:


Amazon EC2 的 F1 type 開放一般使用

AWS 提供更快計算 Bitcoin 的 FPGA 機種開放一般使用了:「Amazon EC2 F1 Instances, Customizable FPGAs for Hardware Acceleration Are Now Generally Available」。

在 AWS 開始提供服務後,應該會有更多 library 支援吧... 現在現有的應用要上去還得自己先刻些東西,不像 TensorFlow 可以透過 GPU 運算。

F1 instances include the latest 16 nm Xilinx UltraScale Plus FPGA with local 64 GiB DDR4 ECC protected memory, with a dedicated PCI-e x16 connection to the instance. For F1.16xlarge instances, the dedicated PCI-e fabric lets the FPGAs share the same memory space and communicate with each other across the fabric at up to 12 GBps in each direction. The FPGAs within the F1.16xlarge share access to a 400 Gbps bidirectional ring for low-latency, high bandwidth communication.

Oracle 官方的 InnoDB Cluster 出 GA 了...

Oracle 推出的 InnoDB Cluster 進入 GA 了,不過先觀望看看就好:「MySQL InnoDB Cluster GA is Available Now!」。

The GA release of InnoDB Cluster builds upon the great work that the MySQL Development Team has done on Group Replication, filling out the rest of the stack for setup, management, orchestration, and client routing.

算是 Galara Cluster 的競爭對手 (被 PerconaMariaDB 採用),產品成熟度還得再看如何...