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Google Cloud Platform 的機器與服務也支援 GPU 了...

Google 宣佈在 GCP 上的機器與服務支援 GPU 運算了:「GPUs are now available for Google Compute Engine and Cloud Machine Learning」。 算是 beta 階段,用的是 NVIDIA Tesla K80: Google Cloud Platform gets a performance boost today with the much anticipated public beta of NVIDIA Tesla … Continue reading

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Google CDN 進入 Beta

最近 CDN 產業裡有不少蕭期,其中一個新聞是 Google CDN 進入 beta,Google 藉由在全球佈署的機房來服務。 不過雖然進入了 Beta,但仍然有很嚴重的技術限制,只能透過 GCE 當 origin server,這使得實用性低很多: Origins Delivers HTTP/HTTPS content originating from Compute Engine VM instances. External origin servers are not supported. 有些特點是跟一般 CDN 不同的,一個是 Google 對 HTTPS 的口號,所以 HTTP 與 HTTPS … Continue reading

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估計 Amazon、Microsoft、Google 雲端服務平台的相對大小

在「How much bigger is Amazon’s cloud vs. Microsoft and Google?」這篇文章裡用營收來估算... But, a new report from New Hampshire-based firm Technology Business Research estimates Amazon’s cloud revenue at more than $4.7 billion this year. TBR pegs Microsoft’s public cloud IaaS revenue at … Continue reading

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Netflix 不僅使用 AWS,還使用了 GCE...

在「Cloud guru Adrian Cockcroft on Netflix, Amazon, Google, and DigitalOcean」這篇裡面提到 Netflix 現在不僅使用 AWS,還使用了 GCE: The company’s services are now all hosted in the public cloud, but not just in AWS. Netflix is also using Google Compute Engine. 不算是很意外... 畢竟有那個 scale … Continue reading

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