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微軟曾經規劃以 80 億美金購買 Slack

TC 丟出來的消息,宣稱微軟曾經規劃以 80 億美金購買 Slack:「Source: Microsoft mulled an $8 billion bid for Slack, will focus on Skype instead」。 不過這個計畫被微軟 CEO Satya Nadella 與前 CEO Bill Gates 給擋了下來,認為不如把這筆錢放到 Skype 的研發上: Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and CEO Satya Nadella were among those … Continue reading

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Outlook 裡 Ctrl-F 的設計

在 OSNew 上看到為什麼 Outlook 裡 Ctrl-F 不是 find 的原因:「Why does Outlook map Ctrl+F to forward instead of find?」。 先引用這句話: Before clicking the link to go to the full story, try to guess the answer. I'm pretty sure you're going to … Continue reading

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