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Oracle 的人講 MySQL 5.7 最新出的 Group Replication

不愧是 Oracle 的 MySQL Community Manager,把對手的 Galera Cluster 講的一無是處 XDDD:「Group Replication is GA with MySQL 5.7.17 – comparison with Galera」。

然後下面 comment 的地方 Mark Callaghan (@Facebook) 出來提 Galera Cluster 架構中 arbitrator 的好處,另外 Sergei Petrunia (@MariaDB) 也出來糾正抹黑對手的 FUD (講 Galera Cluster 的 protocol 是 "proprietary"),不知道還會不會其他人跳進來...

另外文章裡面看起來也怪怪的,像是 Group Replication 在 InnoDB 上的作法真的能解決他說的問題嗎... conflict 把有問題的 transaction 砍掉不是很合理嗎?設計個 high priority transaction 是怎樣...

來繼續觀望看看就好,Galera Cluster 的成熟度還是很高的... 也許等到其他幾家也決定把 Group Replication 放進支援再說吧。

Let's Encrypt 進入 Public Beta 開放給大眾使用

Let's Encrypt 進入 Public Beta,這代表不再需要提出申請才能用了:「Entering Public Beta」。

We’re happy to announce that Let’s Encrypt has entered Public Beta. Invitations are no longer needed in order to get free certificates from Let’s Encrypt.

話說翻資料的時候翻到 Namecheap 對 Let's Encrypt 作出反擊,只能說吃樣很難看:「SSL from Namecheap - What's the difference: Encryption, Validation & Trust」。

人們選擇 Namecheap 的 SSL certificate 不是因為他好,而是因為他便宜,加上這家公司不像 GoDaddy 那樣邪惡。

現在有免費的 SSL certificate 出來競爭 (於是根本打不贏) 就放 FUD 攻擊,吃相極為難看。有人針對 Namecheap 的文章駁斥了裡面大量錯誤的論點:「Comment on Namecheap's SSL」。

接下來應該可以弄不少來玩,來整理文章把申請與自動 renew 的步驟做出來...

Cisco 開發新的 Video Codec:Thor

Cisco 開發新的 Video Codec 與 HEVC (H.265) 競爭,專案名稱叫做 Thor:「World, Meet Thor – a Project to Hammer Out a Royalty Free Video Codec」。


Unfortunately, the patent licensing situation for H.265 has recently taken a turn for the worse. Two distinct patent licensing pools have formed so far, and many license holders are not represented in either. There is just one license pool for H.264. The total costs to license H.265 from these two pools is up to sixteen times more expensive than H.264, per unit. H.264 had an upper bound on yearly licensing costs, whereas H.265 has no such upper limit.

不過一開頭寫到 VP9 是 proprietary 的描述讓人很不解:

There are two of note – Google’s proprietary VP9 codec, and the industry standard H.265 (HEVC) codec, which is the successor to H.264 (AVC).

往下拉 comment 看果然就有人提出來:

How exactly is VP9 more "proprietary" than Thor? Both are open sourced under BSD license, both are royalty free, both are intended to be unencumbered by patents. Are you defining "proprietary" as "not controlled by Cisco"?