nginx 分家:freenginx

Hacker News 上看到 Maxim Dounin 決定分家到 freenginx 的消息:「Freenginx: Core Nginx developer announces fork (」,原文在 mailing list 上:「announcing」,這邊提到分家的原因:

Unfortunately, some new non-technical management at F5 recently decided that they know better how to run open source projects. In particular, they decided to interfere with security policy nginx uses for years, ignoring both the policy and developers’ position.

在 freenginx 的 mailing list 上有提到更多,在 2024-February/000007.html 這篇:

The most recent "security advisory" was released despite the fact that the particular bug in the experimental HTTP/3 code is expected to be fixed as a normal bug as per the existing security policy, and all the developers, including me, agree on this.

And, while the particular action isn't exactly very bad, the approach in general is quite problematic.

這邊提到的 security advisory 是「[nginx-announce] nginx security advisory (CVE-2024-24989, CVE-2024-24990)」這個,看起來是個沒有 enabled by default 的功能:

Two security issues were identified in nginx HTTP/3 implementation,
which might allow an attacker that uses a specially crafted QUIC session
to cause a worker process crash (CVE-2024-24989, CVE-2024-24990) or
might have potential other impact (CVE-2024-24990).

The issues affect nginx compiled with the ngx_http_v3_module (not
compiled by default) if the "quic" option of the "listen" directive
is used in a configuration file.

The issue affects nginx 1.25.0 - 1.25.3.
The issue is fixed in nginx 1.25.4.

id=39373804 這邊有些目前 nginx 組成的資訊可以讀,目前 nginx 的 core devs 應該就三位 (在 Insights/Contributors 這邊看起來只有兩位,這是因為 GitHub 上面的 mirror 看起來是從 Mercurial 同步過去的,而 Sergey Kandaurov 沒有 GitHub 帳號):

Worth noting that there are only two active "core" devs, Maxim Dounin (the OP) and Roman Arutyunyan. Maxim is the biggest contributor that is still active. Maxim and Roman account for basically 99% of current development.

So this is a pretty impactful fork. It's not like one of 8 core devs or something. This is 50% of the team.

Edit: Just noticed Sergey Kandaurov isn't listed on GitHub "contributors" because he doesn't have a GitHub account (my bad). So it's more like 33% of the team. Previous releases have been tagged by Maxim, but the latest (today's 1.25.4) was tagged by Sergey

現在就是單方面的說法,可以再讓子彈多飛一點時間... 看 F5 要不要回應,以及 F5 的說法 (如果要回應的話)。