Servo 將由 Linux Foundation 提供協助

Servo 是使用 Rust 開發的 web engine,先前是由 Mozilla 在後面支撐,在 Firefox 裡面也有使用 Servo 的 CSS engine,而 Servo 的 JavaScript engine 則是使用了 SpiderMonkey

但在今年 Mozilla 大幅重整組織後,Servo 的未來變得頗不明朗,直到現在公佈會由 Linux Foundation 提供協助:「Servo’s new home」。

The Servo Project is excited to announce that it has found a new home with the Linux Foundation.


IBM 把 OpenPOWER Foundation 交給 The Linux Foundation

標題雖然是「Big Blue Open Sources Power Chip Instruction Set」,但實質上應該就是 IBMOpenPOWER Foundation 交給 The Linux Foundation

找了一下兩邊的新聞稿,其中 The Linux Foundation 的新聞稿在「The Linux Foundation Announces New Open Hardware Technologies and Collaboration」這邊,但 OpenPOWER 的網站好像從 2018 年年底就沒更新了...

開放硬體最近比較紅的應該是 RISC-VOpenRISC 這些專案?IBM 這一招不知道是怎麼樣...

Apache Software Foundation 走掉一批人...

在「Changes at the Apache Software Foundation」這邊看到的消息,ASF 突然走了三位都超過十年的資深成員,其中一位還是 ASF 的共同創辦人。關於 ASF 官方的公告,可以在「Statement by The Apache Software Foundation Board of Directors」這邊讀到。

如同 LWN 說的,為什麼三個人突然同時離開的狀況還不清楚:

There is no indication of why all these people decided to leave at the same time.

Apache Software Foundation 把程式碼交給 GitHub 託管

ASFGitHub 兩邊的新聞稿都釋出了:「Apache Software Foundation joins GitHub open source community」、「The Apache® Software Foundation Expands Infrastructure with GitHub Integration」。

整個搬到 GitHub 上面省得自己管,而且這個年頭的開發者 (至少是 ASF 這群) 大多也都熟悉 Git 與 GitHub 的操作,轉移過去的學習成本不算高...

另外就是一堆既有的服務 (像是 CI/CD 類的) 都有支援 GitHub,不少對 open source project 是有免費方案可以用的,只需要按幾個鍵授權就好了,不用自己架設...

React 的專利授權議題

ASF (Apache Software Foundation) 全面禁止 Facebook 的 BSD+PATENTS 後 (「Apache Foundation 宣佈禁止使用 Facebook BSD+Patents 的軟體」),整件事情開始熱起來了...

簡單來說,Facebook 有意為之,而且不打算撤回這個有攻擊性的授權模式,參考「Explaining React's license」這邊官方的說明以及有人寫了一篇解讀:「If you’re a startup, you should not use React (reflecting on the BSD + patents license)」。

Facebook 內的意見其實也不一樣,像是 Yarn 之所以沒有 PATENTS 是因為爭取出來的:


Apache Foundation 宣佈禁止使用 Facebook BSD+Patents 的軟體

在「RocksDB Integrations」這邊討論到 RocksDBFacebook 所使用的 Facebook BSD+Patents License。

不過因為 RocksDB 最近在換 license (從 Facebook BSD+Patents 換到 Apache License, Version 2.0),移除了 PATENTS 內的限制,需要看 PATENTS 的舊檔案可以在 PATENTS 這邊看到。

Chris Mattmann 正式發出決議禁用 Facebook BSD+Patents License。(參考最後)

另外也提到了 Facebook 是故意埋下這些限制:

Note also Roy's comment that he has discussed the matter with FB's counsel and the word is that the FB license is intentionally incompatible. It is hard to make the argument that it is compatible after hearing that. Pragmatically speaking, regardless of any semantic shaving being done, having a statement like that from the source of the license is very daunting. If they think it is incompatible, we need to not try to wheedle and convince ourselves it is not.

這個 license 之後應該會有更多挑戰...


As some of you may know, recently the Facebook BSD+patents license has been
moved to Category X (
Please see LEGAL-303 [1] for a discussion of this. The license is also referred
to as the ROCKSDB license, even though Facebook BSD+patents is its more
industry standard name.

This has impacted some projects, to date based on LEGAL-303
and the detective work of Todd Lipcon:

Samza, Flink, Marmotta, Kafka and Bahir

(perhaps more)

Please take notice of the following policy:

o No new project, sub-project or codebase, which has not
  used Facebook BSD+patents licensed jars (or similar), are allowed to use
  them. In other words, if you haven't been using them, you
  aren't allowed to start. It is Cat-X.

o If you have been using it, and have done so in a *release*,
  you have a temporary exclusion from the Cat-X classification thru
  August 31, 2017. At that point in time, ANY and ALL usage
  of these Facebook BSD+patents licensed artifacts are DISALLOWED. You must
  either find a suitably licensed replacement, or do without.
  There will be NO exceptions.

o Any situation not covered by the above is an implicit
  DISALLOWAL of usage.

Also please note that in the 2nd situation (where a temporary
exclusion has been granted), you MUST ensure that NOTICE explicitly
notifies the end-user that a Facebook BSD+patents licensed artifact exists. They
may not be aware of it up to now, and that MUST be addressed.

If there are any questions, please ask on the legal-discuss@a.o


Chris Mattmann
VP Legal Affairs


OpenOffice 退場的計畫

在「OpenOffice, after years of neglect, could shut down」這邊看到 OpenOffice 要退場的計畫,自於 mailing list 上的「[DISCUSS] What Would OpenOffice Retirement Involve? (long)」這篇。

信裡面完全沒提到 LibreOffice,但就目前幾個大的 distribution 都是安裝 LibreOffice 的情況下,其實會有這個提案就不言而喻了。雖然很可惜,但對整個社群能量的集中應該是好事...

話說回來,Apache Foundation 真的很像垃圾桶,一堆人都把不想維護的東西往那邊丟...