microG 的進展...

留在 tab 上的東西,忘記在哪看到的... microG 發佈了新的專案:「LineageOS for microG」。

microG 是 AndroidGoogle 服務 API 的重新實作 (所以 open source),不像 Open GApps 還是屬於 proprietary software。

這次的事情是 microG 的人 fork 了 LineageOS 專案,因為 LineageOS 專案拒絕 microG 的 signature spoofing patch:

Why do we need a custom build of LineageOS to have microG? Can't I install microG on the official LineageOS?

MicroG requires a patch called "signature spoofing", which allows the microG's apps to spoof themselves as Google Apps. LineageOS' developers refused (multiple times) to include the patch, forcing us to fork their project.


Wait, on their FAQ page I see that they don't want to include the patch for security reasons. Is this ROM unsafe?

No. LineageOS' developers hide behind the "security reasons" shield, but in reality they don't care enough about the freedom of their users to risk to upset Google by giving them an alternative to the Play Services.
The signature spoofing could be an unsafe feature only if the user blindly gives any permission to any app, as this permission can't be obtained automatically by the apps.

Moreover, to further strengthen the security of our ROM, we modified the signature spoofing permission so that only system privileged apps can obtain it, and no security threat is posed to our users.

於是就 fork 了新的專案... 就觀察看看吧。

從 CyanogenMod 變成 Lineage OS

在好幾個地方看到的消息,隨便挑一個:「Cyanogen shuts down CyanogenMod; CM forks into Lineage」,官方公告的存檔在「A fork in the road」這邊。

也就是說,因為 CyanogenMod 收掉,社群將會 fork 轉移到 Lineage OS 上。

這樣得花時間研究看看 Lineage OS 有沒有之前的能量了...

Google 也 fork 一個 OpenSSL 出來了... (BoringSSL?)

Google 也跳下去 fork 一個 OpenSSL 出來了,這次的主力是放在 Android 以及 Chrome 上:「BoringSSL」。

BoringSSL 是暫時性的名稱,不過在「boringssl - Git at Google」這邊已經用這個名稱了...

另外一個重要的說明是 license 的部份:

We have already relicensed some of our prior contributions to OpenSSL under an ISC license at their request and completely new code that we write will also be so licensed.

將會改用 ISC license


WebScaleSQLFacebookGoogleLinkedIn 以及 Twitter 四家公司對 MySQL 5.6 的 fork。

Percona 的人也針對 WebScaleSQL 與 Percona Server 5.6 的比較,寫了一篇技術分析的文章:「A technical WebScaleSQL review and comparison with Percona Server」。

Percona 那篇分析文章提到不少改善屬於比較激進類型,對於 Percona Server 以及 MySQL 官方版本的定位並不適合。

而在開發上,語法也換到 C99C++11,也就是打算拋棄很舊的系統 (沒有 C99/C++11 compiler)。不過就這點來說,使得這上面的 patch 要 backport 回 MySQL 又增加了一些狀況...

WebScaleSQL 的出現代表 MySQL fork 又多一家,而且因為背後是這四家公司搞出來的,看起來聲勢會很浩大。進入「合久必分」的階段...