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GrabFood 用定位資料修正餐廳的資訊

Grab 的「How we harnessed the wisdom of crowds to improve restaurant location accuracy」這篇是他們的 data team 整理出來,如何使用既有的資料快速的修正餐廳資訊。裡面提到的方法不需要用到 machine learning,光是一些簡單的統計算法就可以快速修正現有的架構。

這些資訊其實是透過司機用的 driver app 蒐集來的,在 driver app 上有大量的資訊傳回伺服器 (像是定時回報的 GPS 位置,以及取餐狀態),而這些司機因為地緣關係,腦袋裡的資訊比地圖會準不少:

One of the biggest advantages we have is the huge driver-partner fleet we have on the ground in cities across Southeast Asia. They know the roads and cities like the back of their hand, and they are resourceful. As a result, they are often able to find the restaurants and complete orders even if the location was registered incorrectly.


Fraction of the orders where the pick-up location was not “at” the restaurant: This fraction indicates the number of orders with a pick-up location not near the registered restaurant location (with near being defined both spatially and temporally as above). A higher value indicates a higher likelihood of the restaurant not being in the registered location subject to order volume

Median distance between registered and estimated locations: This factor is used to rank restaurants by a notion of “importance”. A restaurant which is just outside the fixed radius from above can be addressed after another restaurant which is a kilometer away.

另外也有不少其他的改善 (像是必須在離餐聽某個距離內才能點「取餐」,這個「距離」會因為餐聽可能在室內商場而需要的調整),整個成果就會反應在訂單的取消率大幅下降:

整體看起來是系統產生清單後讓人工後續處理 (像是打電話去店家問?),但這個方式所提供的清單準確度應該很高 (因為司機不會沒事跟自己時間過不去,跑到奇怪地方按下取餐),用這些資料跑簡單的演算法就能夠快速修正不少問題...

Amazon 推出自有品牌產品...

Amazon 打算推出自有品牌產品:「Amazon to Expand Private-Label Offerings—From Food to Diapers」,所以之後會看到 Amazon 牌子的飲料、食物等等的東西:

Amazon.com Inc. in the coming weeks is set to roll out new lines of private-label brands that will include its first broad push into perishable foods, according to people familiar with the matter.

The new brands with names like Happy Belly, Wickedly Prime and Mama Bear will include nuts, spices, tea, coffee, baby food and vitamins, as well as household items such as diapers and laundry detergents, these people said.


Google 在舊金山與洛杉磯開始宅配生鮮食品...

Google Express 延伸業務到生鮮食品上:「Google Launches Fresh-Grocery Deliveries」,與生鮮業者合作。

Google said it would begin delivering produce, meat, eggs and other perishable goods on Wednesday in parts of San Francisco and Los Angeles. The service is part of Google Express, which partners with retailers in some U.S. cities to deliver goods to consumers within hours of an order.


Alphabet Inc.'s Google is expanding its same-day delivery service to fresh groceries, the latest example of the tech titan’s increasing push into consumers’ daily lives.

我以為會掛在 Alphabet 下做,而不是在 Google 下做...

在家族裡使用 Slack...

公司用 Slack 還蠻常見的,但在「My family uses Slack. It's pretty interesting.」這邊看到家人之間使用 Slack 的分享。

利用 integration 叫 bot 回答小朋友現在的地點,並且與 Google Calendar 整合通知事項。然後學校提供的 RSS feed 也可以拉進來。

再來是採買食物的 bot,是有這麼宅嗎 XDDD

感覺很資訊化的家庭啊 XDDD


六個人從十點開始吃,先是肥睡睡跟食材合照,另外冰箱有 1.5kg 的魚肉與 2.2kg 的豬肉:

已經把 1.5kg 的魚肉吃完了,決定把 2.2kg 的豬肉「切一半」的經典切法:




Google 與微軟的員工的比較:食物...

TechCrunch 上看到的文章:「Googlers Buy More Junk Food Than Microsofties (And Why Rapleaf Is Creepy)」,文章裡面提到 RapLeaf 這家公司從 Internet 上挖資料分析了 Google微軟這兩家公司的員工的飲食習慣,發現 Google 的員工比微軟的員工喜歡吃垃圾食物...

雖然是做噱頭的 startup,但這還是說明 Social Network 上可以分析的資料其實種類相當多,如果 Facebook 自己丟人力下去做的話應該會更驚人...

悅氏 黃金烏龍茶 (無糖) 600ml 寶特瓶包裝

喝下去第一口就有「哇靠,香料是放了多少啊」的感覺... 蓋起來丟回冰箱,哪天有心情喝這種東西的時候再說...

找不到圖,網路上大多數的圖都是 2000ml 的,而且旁邊有「無香料」的標語 (我喝的 600ml 在「成份」欄有「天然香料」),看起來不是同一批:

圖片來自「★超值特惠★悅氏黃金烏龍茶(無糖) 2L」這裡。