Heroku 公佈了廢止免費方案的時間表

打開 Hacker News 看到的第一名,Heroku 公佈了廢止免費方案的時間表:「Removal of Heroku free product plans (heroku.com)」,文章在「Removal of Heroku Free Product Plans FAQ」。

沒在用的帳號會在 2022/10/26 開始刪,既有的帳號會在 2022/11/28 終止:

Focus on what's mission-critical: Removal of free dynos, hobby-dev Heroku Postgres and hobby-dev Heroku Data for Redis plans starting November 28, 2022 and inactive account deletion starting October 26, 2022.

取而代之的是針對特定團體條件性的開放,分成三類:學生、非營利組織以及 open source 專案。但前兩個目前方案都還沒出來,要晚點才會公佈;後面的 open source 專案則是要寄信申請。

不過現在好像沒什麼人在用 Heroku 了,大多都是因為以前有在用的人就繼續用,如果要講 "sexy" 的產品 (玩新東西的感覺),Fly.io 應該是比較常見的方案?

Amazon SQS 支援 FIFO 了

Amazon SQS 支援 FIFO 了:「FIFO (First-In-First-Out) Queues」。新的 FIFO Queue 有保證順序,但也因此效能上有限制:

In addition to having all the capabilities of the standard queue, FIFO (First-In-First-Out) queues are designed to enhance messaging between applications when the order of operations and events is critical, or where duplicates can't be tolerated. FIFO queues also provide exactly-once processing but are limited to 300 transactions per second (TPS).

可以看到舊版的 FAQ 對於 FIFO 的回答是 Standard Queue 會盡力做到 FIFO,但不保證:(出自 2016/08/26 的版本)

Q: Does Amazon SQS provide first-in-first-out (FIFO) access to messages?

Amazon SQS provides a loose-FIFO capability that attempts to preserve the order of messages. However, we have designed Amazon SQS to be massively scalable using a distributed architecture. Thus, we can't guarantee that you will always receive messages in the exact order you sent them (FIFO).

If your system requires the order of messages to be preserved, place sequencing information in each message so that messages can be ordered when they are received.

而現在則是名正言順的說有提供 FIFO 了:

Q: Does Amazon SQS provide message ordering?

Yes. FIFO (first-in-first-out) queues preserve the exact order in which messages are sent and received. If you use a FIFO queue, you don't have to place sequencing information in your messages. For more information, see FIFO Queue Logic in the Amazon SQS Developer Guide.

Standard queues provide a loose-FIFO capability that attempts to preserve the order of messages. However, because standard queues are designed to be massively scalable using a highly distributed architecture, receiving messages in the exact order they are sent is not guaranteed.

AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) 開放全區

剛剛在辦公室裡跟 Gaod & Rianol 抱怨 AWS Certificate Manager (AWS ACM) 只有 us-east-1 與 CloudFront 可以用,結果 Gaod 說已經開放全區了... (然後我跟 Rianol 一臉茫然)

AWS Certificate Manager FAQs 這邊這樣寫:

Q: In what Regions is ACM available?

Please visit the AWS Global Infrastructure pages to see the current Region availability for AWS services. Certificates provisioned in the US East (Northern Virginia) Region, and associated with an Amazon CloudFront distribution, are distributed to the geographic locations configured for your distribution.

在官方的 FAQ 上面寫只有 us-east-1 以及 CloudFront。但在 User Guide「Supported Regions - AWS Certificate Manager」這邊則是寫上個禮拜的 2016/05/16 開放:

大概是負責的人跑去休假了,所以 User Guide 改完後還沒把 FAQ 改好請 Jeff Barr 發文章公告宣佈吧,感覺是個資安上可以宣傳的事情?

這樣之後在 AWS 上就不用自己搞 SSL certificate 再 import 進去了,ELB 可以直接吃 ACM 產生的 SSL certificate。

Update:其實官方有發稿,在「AWS Certificate Manager now available in more regions」這邊,不過 FAQ 還是舊的 XD