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Google 在舊金山與洛杉磯開始宅配生鮮食品...

Google Express 延伸業務到生鮮食品上:「Google Launches Fresh-Grocery Deliveries」,與生鮮業者合作。 Google said it would begin delivering produce, meat, eggs and other perishable goods on Wednesday in parts of San Francisco and Los Angeles. The service is part of Google Express, which partners with retailers … Continue reading

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把 Raspberry Pi 當作 AirPlay 裝置放音樂...

讓 Raspberry Pi 模擬成為 AirPlay 裝置,再外接喇叭:「Hacking a Raspberry Pi into a wireless airplay speaker」。 用到 ShairPort (模擬 AirPort Express 的軟體),而 ShairPort 目前只支援聲音的部份,所以現在只能接喇叭... 有人實做影像的時候應該就會有人把 HDMI 接上去了 :p

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