QTE 小遊戲 Looptap

Hacker News 首頁上看到這個小遊戲:「Show HN: Looptap – A minimal game to waste your time (vasanthv.com)」,如同他的標題寫的,浪費時間的小遊戲 XDDD

標題講的 QTE 是「快速反應事件」這個東西,在現在的遊戲裡面算是蠻常見的機制,是一種需要在事件有效區間反應的設計 (太早反應或是太晚反應都不行)。

前幾天 AWS 的 us-east-1 出事報告

AWS 放出前幾天 us-east-1 出事的報告了:「Summary of the AWS Service Event in the Northern Virginia (US-EAST-1) Region」,Hacker News 上的討論「Summary of the AWS Service Event in the Northern Virginia (US-East-1) Region (amazon.com)」也可以看一下,裡面也有人提到儘量閃開 us-east-1

而爆炸當天的討論「AWS us-east-1 outage (amazon.com)」也可以看一看,裡面還有聊到企業文化的問題...

AWS 的 us-east-1 除了是 AWS 最早的區域以外,也是目前 AWS 內功能最多的區域 (大多數新功能在第一波都會開放 us-east-1 使用),然後也是最便宜的區域,所以會有很多人都用這個區域提更服務。

也因為這樣,這個區域也是 AWS 內最大的區域,加上 AWS 是目前最大的公有雲,導致了這個區域的很多東西會遇到以前的人都沒遇過的問題,大概每年 (或是每兩年) 就會有一次比較嚴重的 outage,算是為了價錢而選擇 us-east-1 的人要注意的。

說到價錢,如果是為了找價錢比較低的區域,另外一個可以考慮選擇是 us-west-2,出新功能與新產品時也常常會被放進第一波,目前看起來的歷史記錄應該是比 us-east-1 好不少...

這次出問題的主要是內部控制用的網路 (被稱為 internal network) 擁塞,而非客戶在用的網路 (被稱為 main network):

To explain this event, we need to share a little about the internals of the AWS network. While the majority of AWS services and all customer applications run within the main AWS network, AWS makes use of an internal network to host foundational services including monitoring, internal DNS, authorization services, and parts of the EC2 control plane.

後面也有提到因為壅塞而導致 monitoring 系統受到影響,只能就手上的 log 去分析猜測,然後逐步排除問題,而 deployment 系統也使用內部網路,所以更新的速度也快不起來...


FOSDEM 2020 挖寶

FOSDEM 應該是歐洲區最大的一般性的 open source conference (不是很確定),在今年二月初的 FOSDEM 2020 結束後,投影片與錄影也陸陸續續整理出來,所以也可以去挖寶翻一翻了:「FOSDEM 2020 - Events」。

另外整理一下歷年的 event 數量,這主辦方的 scalability 能力看起來很驚人啊,目前還在長:

裡面的 event 都有依照這種技術主題整理過,所以可以自己挑有興趣的主題先快速看一下投影片,有興趣的話再看影片。當然,如果看到特定有興趣的講者,也可以考慮直接看影片...

LinkedIn 用機器學習提供雇主可能的職缺對象

先前看到「Learning Hiring Preferences: The AI Behind LinkedIn Jobs」這篇,LinkedIn 用機器學習提供雇主可能的對象。

依照官方的說法,這次提到的改進是透過雇主的行為調整推薦。當雇主對某個人有興趣的時候,LinkedIn 就會調整演算法去配合雇主有興趣的條件:

Based on how you interact with candidates, our algorithm learns your preferences and delivers increasingly relevant candidates across the Jobs product. If you’re consistently interested in candidates who are, say, accountants with leadership skills, or project managers who are adept at social media, we’ll send you more of those. And this all happens online in real time so that your feedback is taken instantly into account.

透過模擬 20% 的加成:

This new algorithm, which is used throughout the Jobs platform, performs nearly 20% better than the previous version in generating recommendations when we simulate our members' past hiring activity.

在 social network 這種演算法其實就是同溫層 (Echo chamber、Filter bubble),在 LinkedIn 這樣的行為不知道會不會牽扯到 Discrimination 的議題...

AWS 推出 Amazon GuardDuty 進行內部網路監控

AWS 推出 Amazon GuardDuty 監控內部網路:「Amazon GuardDuty – Continuous Security Monitoring & Threat Detection」。

從示意圖可以看到結合了許多 log 資料,然後綜合判斷:

In combination with information gleaned from your VPC Flow Logs, AWS CloudTrail Event Logs, and DNS logs, this allows GuardDuty to detect many different types of dangerous and mischievous behavior including probes for known vulnerabilities, port scans and probes, and access from unusual locations.

所以連 Bitcoin 相關網站也當作條件之一 XD

開了相當多區 (相較於之前 AWS Elemental MediaOOXX 系列...):

Amazon GuardDuty is available in production form in the US East (Northern Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), US West (Northern California), EU (Ireland), EU (Frankfurt), EU (London), South America (São Paulo), Canada (Central), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Asia Pacific (Seoul), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), and Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Regions and you can start using it today!

Homebrew 蒐集到的安裝資訊

在「Homebrew Analytics Install On Request Events — Homebrew」這邊,Homebrew 利用了傳回來的資訊算出 2016/07/14 到 2017/07/14 的安裝套件次數,列出前一千名。(我是把他關掉,因為隱私問題不想要傳出去... 參考「Homebrew 會將安裝資訊送到 Google Analytics 上」這篇。)

比較有趣的是第一名的 node 超級多,比第二名加第三名的 git + wget 還多...

拿來翻一翻還 ok,順便看一下大家用什麼...

Amazon ECS 可以跑 cron job 了...

Amazon ECS 上面固定時間跑某些東西,以前得自己用 AWS Lambda 帶 (或是自己架,不過這樣就要自己考慮 High Availability 架構了),現在則是直接支援:「Amazon ECS Now Supports Time and Event-Based Task Scheduling」。

Previously, you could start and stop Amazon ECS tasks manually, but running tasks on a schedule required writing and integrating an external scheduler with the Amazon ECS API.

Now you can schedule tasks through the Amazon ECS console on fixed time intervals (e.g.: number of minutes, hours, or days). Additionally, you can now set Amazon ECS as a CloudWatch Events target, allowing you to launch tasks by using CloudWatch Events.

performance_schema 的簡易用法

Mark Callaghan 寫了篇關於 performance_schema 的用法 (很短),讓大家先把這個參數開習慣,雖是入門推廣班:「Short guide on using performance_schema for user & table stats」。


select * from table_io_waits_summary_by_table
select * from events_statements_summary_by_account_by_event_name

當使用 5.7+ 時,可以考慮這兩個:

SELECT * FROM sys.schema_table_statistics
SELECT * FROM sys.user_summary

簡單到不行,但卻可以幫不少忙... 很棒的入門推廣班 XDDD

Google Analytics 推出 Autotrack 工具幫助整合

Google Analytics 推出了 Autotrack 工具,讓開發者更容易整合:「Introducing Autotrack for analytics.js」。

可以看到有些地方是將 Unobtrusive JavaScript 的概念拿出來用,像是 Declarative event tracking 這邊用 data attribute:

<button data-event-category="Video" data-event-action="play">Play</button>

對於還沒有針對 Google Analytics 客製化整合的人都會有幫助:

While anyone could use and benefit from autotrack, the library is primarily geared toward sites that do not customize their current analytics implementation and would like to take advantage of the features described in this article.

GitHub 上的說明可以看到預設了非常多常用的功能,像是 socialTracker 預設就有提供 FacebookTwitter (咦,你們自己家的 Google Plus 呢?)

不過這個軟體有免責條款,不屬於 GA 的正式產品:

The autotrack library is not an official Google Analytics product and is not covered by Google Analytics Premium support. Developers that choose to use this library are responsible for ensuring that their implementation meets the requirements of the Google Analytics Terms of Service and the legal obligations of their respective country.