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在「Radical open-access plan could spell end to journal subscriptions」這邊看到歐洲 11 個研究機構資助者成立了「cOAlition S」,推動研究論文的開放存取。

目標是在 2020 年開始,由這些機構所資助的研究都必須投在符合完全開放條件的平台上:

cOAlition S signals the commitment to implement, by 1 January 2020, the necessary measures to fulfil its main principle: “By 2020 scientific publications that result from research funded by public grants provided by participating national and European research councils and funding bodies, must be published in compliant Open Access Journals or on compliant Open Access Platforms.

而現在大約只有 15%:

According to a December 2017 analysis, only around 15% of journals publish work immediately as open access (see ‘Publishing models’) — financed by charging per-article fees to authors or their funders, negotiating general open-publishing contracts with funders, or through other means.



歐盟在 2014 年做了關於盜版與銷量的研究,結果一直被壓到最近才發表出來 (於是就大概可以猜到結論了...):「EU Piracy Report Suppression Raises Questions Over Transparency」。

“In general, the results do not show robust statistical evidence of displacement of sales by online copyright infringements,” the study notes.


The study found that piracy had a slightly positive effect on the videogames industry, suggesting that those who play pirate games eventually become buyers of official content.

另外也描述了現有電影與 TV-series 定價策略偏高:

“Overall, the analysis indicates that for films and TV-series current prices are higher than 80 per cent of the illegal downloaders and streamers are willing to pay,” the study notes.


AWS EU (Stockholm) Region

由老大 Werner Vogels 出來講一些細節...

AWS EU (Stockholm) Region 預定在 2018 年開張營業:「Välkommen till Stockholm – An AWS Region is coming to the Nordics」。

The new AWS EU (Stockholm) Region will have three Availability Zones and will be ready for customers to use in 2018.

這會是歐洲第五個 Region (還有一個法國預定在今年開):

The new AWS EU (Stockholm) Region, coupled with the existing AWS Regions in Dublin, Frankfurt, and London, and a future one in France, will provide customers with quick, low-latency access to websites, mobile applications, games, SaaS applications, big data analysis, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and more.

Google 的 Guetzli,對 JPEG 的壓縮演算法

Google Research Europe 推出的演算法,在不動 decoder 的情況下,要怎麼樣壓出又小又清晰的 JPEG 圖片:「Announcing Guetzli: A New Open Source JPEG Encoder」,論文可以在「Guetzli: Perceptually Guided JPEG Encoder」這邊下載,程式碼則可以在 GitHub 上的 google/guetzli 取得。

othree 也寫了一篇「Guetzli: A New Open Source JPEG Encoder」介紹 Guetzli。

Guetzli 在同樣的品質下,比現有的壓縮法可以再壓榨出 29%~45% 的空間,這算是非常驚人的數字:

We reach a 29-45% reduction in data size for a given perceptual distance, according to Butteraugli, in comparison to other compressors we tried.

但代價是需要極為大量的 CPU resource 計算,這使得他沒辦法用在太動態的環境裡:

Guetzli's computation is currently extremely slow, which limits its applicability to compressing static content and serving as a proof- of-concept that we can achieve significant reductions in size by combining advanced psychovisual models with lossy compression techniques.

但只要是在批次處理產生的過程 (不需要太在意要等很久),都可以考慮用這個工具...

CloudFront Price Class 100 奇怪的現象

剛剛發現奇怪的現象,晚點來問問看好了... 手上的 test-priceclass100.gslin.org 設定為 Only Use US and Europe:

但在 SmokePing 上卻看到極低的 latency 而覺得納悶:

動手查了一些資料發現是被導到台灣的點... 可以看到先問 (HiNet 光世代預設的 DNS) 後得到了這些 IP:

gslin@GSLIN-HOME1404 [~] [02:43/W4] dig test-priceclass100.gslin.org @

; <<>> DiG 9.9.5-3ubuntu0.5-Ubuntu <<>> test-priceclass100.gslin.org @
;; global options: +cmd
;; Got answer:
;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 48453
;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 9, AUTHORITY: 0, ADDITIONAL: 1

; EDNS: version: 0, flags:; udp: 3072
;test-priceclass100.gslin.org.  IN      A

test-priceclass100.gslin.org. 300 IN    CNAME   d265g70k07is7o.cloudfront.net.
d265g70k07is7o.cloudfront.net. 60 IN    A
d265g70k07is7o.cloudfront.net. 60 IN    A
d265g70k07is7o.cloudfront.net. 60 IN    A
d265g70k07is7o.cloudfront.net. 60 IN    A
d265g70k07is7o.cloudfront.net. 60 IN    A
d265g70k07is7o.cloudfront.net. 60 IN    A
d265g70k07is7o.cloudfront.net. 60 IN    A
d265g70k07is7o.cloudfront.net. 60 IN    A

;; Query time: 178 msec
;; WHEN: Thu Oct 22 02:43:24 CST 2015
;; MSG SIZE  rcvd: 228

接下來跑 mtr 看,發現是台灣的節點:

gslin@GSLIN-HOME1404 [~] [02:43/W4] mtr --report -n
Start: Thu Oct 22 02:43:37 2015
HOST: GSLIN-HOME1404              Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev
  1.|--              0.0%    10    8.6   9.1   8.4   9.9   0.3
  2.|--               0.0%    10    8.1   9.0   8.0   9.9   0.3
  3.|--             0.0%    10    9.3  11.8   8.1  31.7   7.1
  4.|--               0.0%    10   12.9  13.9   9.6  17.9   2.9
  5.|--              0.0%    10    8.7  13.1   8.7  35.3   8.0
  6.|--              0.0%    10    9.9  10.1   9.3  10.9   0.3
  7.|--               0.0%    10    9.4  10.3   9.4  11.4   0.3
  8.|--            0.0%    10   11.0  10.8   9.5  13.5   1.0
  9.|--              0.0%    10   10.7   9.4   8.4  10.7   0.7


AWS 在歐洲開第二個資料中心了:德國

上次開 us-west-1 (Ireland) 是 2008 年 12 月了,離這次 eu-central-1 (Frankfurt) 開在德國差了快八年:「Now Open - AWS Germany (Frankfurt) Region - EC2, DynamoDB, S3, and Much More」。

六月的時候有人發現 eu-central-1 這個代碼:「Amazon AWS builds a data center in Germany: Nice idea!」。


價錢的部份比 eu-west-1 貴一點點而已,對於要符合歐盟法令將資料留在歐盟地區,並且希望有遠距離異地建設的服務來說,解決了相當多的問題 :p

剛剛踹了 ec2.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com 這個 domain,看起來目前亞洲地區都還是從美國西岸再一路過去,不知道之後會不會再最佳化這塊,走俄羅斯或是有辦法走東歐過去...

DigitalOcean 倫敦機房

DigitalOcean 宣佈了倫敦機房 (代號 LON1):「Introducing Our London Region (LON1)」。

這是歐洲的第二個地區,第一個是荷蘭 Amsterdam。

雖然官方沒有說,但 routing 的部份可以用 speedtest-lon1.digitalocean.com 測試。看起來初期的 routing 都還沒有 tune 好 XD

從加州的 DigitalOcean 機房測試,發現會走 NTT 的線路,先走到 NTT 在 Amsterdam 的點再到英國 (喂喂)。