JavaScript Errors Notifier 移除 FairShare 了

先前提到 JavaScript Errors Notifier 裡有 FairShare 的問題:「改用沒有 FairShare 版本的 JavaScript Errors Notifier」。

剛剛在 Urgent: Make javascript-errors-notifiers less invasive 這邊看到作者已經從 Google Web Store 上面的版本拿掉 FairShare 了:

And yes, it was completely removed.


This decision is about -$5000 of my yearly income, but, anyway, it makes me feel better :)

改用沒有 FairShare 版本的 JavaScript Errors Notifier

在「Chrome Devtools Tips & Tricks」這邊看到介紹 Google Chrome 的 DevTools 用法說明,但讓我注意到文章最下面提到的兩個工具,其中提到了 JavaScript Errors Notifier 這個工具:

JS Error Notifier (non-“spyware” version) creates a popup each time a Javascript error is printed to the console. Unfortunately, the main version of this extension submits private “usage data” to a third-party service (see discussion in issue #28). But at any rate, this extension has helped me notice and fix several bugs.

找資料時可以發現 Hacker News 上面也有些討論:「Malware alert: JavaScript Errors Notification extension for Chrome (86k users)」。