Linode 東京第二機房的訪談 (a.k.a. PR 稿)

前幾天提到的「Linode 東京機房擴充的工作...」,這幾天 Linode 就開始發 PR 稿造勢了:「Behind The Scenes: Details About Upcoming Tokyo 2 DC Launch」,把重點拉出來。

新機房在品川 (Shinagawa),原文應該是打錯了 (n 跟 b 差一格而已):

Linode will be opening a new datacenter in Shibagawa ward, Tokyo, Japan, this fall and I was able to interview Linode’s datacenter operations manager, Brett Kaplan, who answered questions I asked regarding the upcoming Tokyo datacenter launch.

目標在 2016Q4 上線:

Soh: Can you say when this new datacenter is expected to come online?
Brett: We are hoping to launch later in Q4 this year.

用的是 Equinix 的機房:(然後這邊的 Shinagawa 是對的 XD)

Soh: So, where did you decide to establish the second Tokyo location?
Brett: We are utilizing an Equinix datacenter in Shinagawa ward Tokyo, Japan.

這樣看起來應該是「Tokyo TY2 Network Interconnection」這個...