AWS 推出可以在 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 上跑 Microsoft SQL Server 的 AMI

自從 Microsoft SQL Server 宣佈可以在 Linux 上跑後 (參考「Microsoft SQL Server 出 Linux 版...」),就沒看到什麼 Linux 上跑 SQL Server 的消息了... 結果在這波 AWS 的活動上推出了 RHEL 上跑 SQL Server 的消息:「Amazon EC2 now offers SQL Server 2017 with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4」。

SQL Server 2017 is now available for Amazon EC2 instances running Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.4 as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) from the AWS Marketplace. With this release, you can now launch RHEL instances on-demand using SQL Server 2017 Enterprise License Included AMIs without having to bring your own license. SQL Server 2017 on RHEL 7.4 AMI is available in all public AWS regions starting today.


AWS OpsWorks 支援 Puppet Enterprise

算是等很久的功能了... AWS 支援的是商業版本的 Puppet Enterprise,掛在 OpsWorks 產品下:「New – AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise」。

Master server 目前只支援 c4.large、c4.xlarge、c4.2xlarge 三種 instance (如上圖所顯示的),然後這一波支援的 region 只有 us-east-1、us-west-2 以及 eu-west-1,還沒看到亞洲的 region XD

At launch AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise is available in US East (N. Virginia) Region, US West (Oregon) Region, and EU (Ireland) Region.

計價方式是按照 node 來算,前面的 112,500 node hours 是 $0.017/hour,如果以一個月三十天來算,一個 node 的成本是 $12.24,不算便宜... 不過目前感覺在 AWS 上應該要吃 Packer 來玩,而不是 Puppet... 反正是多給使用者一個選擇就是了,總是有些情境下選擇這個服務是對的方向 (像是考量人的前提...)。

Firefox 49 將可以吃系統的 Certificate Trust Store

在「Upcoming Changes to Root Certificates in Firefox on Windows」這邊看到 Firefox 49 將會有選項可以讓 Firefox 多吃系統的 Certificate Trust Store:

This feature is available in Firefox 49 and up (currently in beta). To give it a try, set the preference security.enterprise_roots.enabled to true. After that, Firefox should connect successfully to sites using certificates issued by 3rd party root certificates that have been added to the Windows trust database.


These features are still in the early stages, so if you encounter any unexpected behavior, please feel free to file a bug.


GitHub 大幅調漲企業方案

GitHub 推出以 user 數量計費的方案:「Introducing unlimited private repositories」。舊的方案可以參考在「」這邊記錄下來的內容。

這個方案下的個人帳號會大幅受益:原先最低消費的 USD$7/month 是 5 private repositories,現在變成 unlimited private repositories。

而企業方案將會大幅調漲,雖然現有的 Plan 還是存在,但有種開始殺雞的味道了。

以前 USD$200/month 可以買到 125 個 repository,現在只能給 22 個人用。同時因為 GitHub 對 deploy key 的限制,跨 repository 時無法重複使用同一把 key,就需要用到真正的 user account,這點就變成額外的成本了。


Percona 宣佈把 Galera Cluster 納入 Enterprise 與 Premium Support 內

Percona 的「MySQL High Availability: The Road Ahead for Percona and XtraDB Cluster」這篇文章的前面講了很多東西,最主要就是要宣佈把 Galera Cluster 納入 Enterprise/Premium Support:

Today we’re taking the next natural step – we will no longer require customers to purchase Percona XtraDB Cluster as a separate add-on. Percona will include support for XtraDB Cluster and other Galera-based replication technologies in our Enterprise and Premier support levels, as well as our Percona Care and Managed Services subscriptions.