Reddit 的前 EM 提到 Reddit 用的 Dark Pattern

Hacker News Daily 上看到「Reddit's disrespectful design」這個,在講 Reddit 用到的 dark pattern, 不過我覺得更棒的是在 Hacker News 上的討論:「Reddit’s disrespectful design (」。

討論裡面出現了之前在 Reddit 裡面負責這塊的 EM (engineer manager),wting

I was the EM for Reddit's Growth team around this time. I am responsible for / contributed to a few features like the current signup flow, AMP pages, push notifications, email digests, app download interstitials, etc.

然後他提到他當初拒絕實做其中一些 dark pattern,然後在經過 [0] 的事情後,他決定換團隊:

There was a new product lead who joined with many good ideas, but some of them were dark patterns that I heavily protested. After a few months of this, it was obvious that I was going to be reigned in or let go[0]; I immediately transferred to a different org.

其中 [0] 的部份是,公司把他 reporting line 改成到 product lead XDDD

0: They changed it so I would report to the product lead, which is odd for an EM to report into a product chain and the only instance within the company ever.


Now let me explain the other side of the story. 4 years later, Reddit's DAU, MAU, and revenue have all grown at ridiculous rates[1]. Yes, power users complain—and still continue using the site—but the casual user does not. These dark patterns have been normalized on other websites.

These practices are done because it works.

1: Many friends are startup founders and I've been at a few startups myself—a byproduct of being in the Bay Area—and Reddit's growth numbers are impressive. As a former employee, I am quite happy about my equity growth.

這幾乎是共識了,dark pattern 看起來很邪惡沒錯,但他就是有用...

KKBOX 徵人:平台營運處 (API Team)


續上篇的「KKBOX 徵人」,順便跟 Client Team 的同事徵文,等他寫完後也會貼出來讓大家知道 Client Team 目前找什麼人。

Server Team 這邊徵人的部份順著每個部門說明,這次先講平台營運處 (API Team)。


曲庫開發部,負責接唱片公司所提供的 API 以及 DDEX 資料,將這些資料半自動或是自動化整合到 KKBOX 的系統內。



API 開發部

API 開發部,負責開發與維護 KKBOX 應用程式的 API。



  • 搜尋引擎的設計與維運,目前現在是使用 Solr,正在研究翻新成 Elasticsearch
  • 與曲庫開發部合作,像是音檔轉檔與 DRM 機制。
  • 與 API 開發部合作,像是依照商業邏輯選擇使用我們自己租用的國際頻寬,或是使用 Akamai 供應音檔。
  • 各種通靈業務。


影音相關的研發,也是偏 Server Side 的部份。



  • 系統分析、系統設計 (SA & SD),包括了以上業務的分析與設計,主管會調度分配對應的項目。
  • Java 工程師 (以及資深工程師),目前主要是針對平台開發部的搜尋引擎。
  • PHP 工程師 (以及資深工程師),這邊提到的四個部門都有在找。
  • Full Stack Engineer,平台開發部與影音服務開發部都有找。