Kagi 的宗教戰爭:Emacs 與 Vi

目前都是用 Kagi 當作預設的搜尋引擎,然後 Kagi 習慣每個禮拜會給一個 Changelog... 而這個禮拜的 Changelog 是這樣:


Searching for emacs redirects to vi #327 @yjp20

然後 bug report 裡面提到了他會在搜尋 Emacs 時提示 Vi

然後搜尋 Vi 時提示 Emacs:

這是想要掀起什麼宗教戰爭嗎 XDDD


AWS 宣佈 ALB 支援 SNI 了:「Application Load Balancers Now Support Multiple TLS Certificates With Smart Selection Using SNI」。

不過這篇比較有趣的是,他範例用的是 VimIsBetterThanEmacs.comVimIsTheBest.com 這兩個網域名稱 XDDD:

I’ll use a few example websites like VimIsBetterThanEmacs.com and VimIsTheBest.com. I’ve purchased and hosted these domains on Amazon Route 53, and provisioned two separate certificates for them in AWS Certificate Manager (ACM). If I want to securely serve both of these sites through a single ALB, I can quickly add both certificates in the console.