AWS 推出 Amazon Elastic Container Registry Public (公開版的 ECR)

算是延伸產品線,把 Amazon ECR 變成可以公開使用:「Amazon Elastic Container Registry Public: A New Public Container Registry」。

這篇稍微有趣的地方是,文章裡面的上面這張圖有把 path 模糊化,但下面那張沒有遮,後面的文字也直接有提到 path (這是要給使用者玩的...):

ECR Public 會自動同步到兩個 region,但設定的頁面上好像沒寫會怎麼挑... 另外前面會放 CloudFront 加速。

ECR Public automatically replicates container images across two AWS Regions to reduce download times and improve availability. Therefore, using public images directly from ECR Public may simplify your build process if you were previously creating and managing local copies. ECR Public caches image layers in Amazon CloudFront, to improve pull performance for a global audience, especially for popular images.