nginx 宣佈了 Early Alpha 版本的 HTTP/2 支援

nginx 宣佈了 Early Alpha 的 HTTP/2 支援:「Announcing an Early Alpha Patch for HTTP/2」。

除了警告這是早期版本不應該用在 production 上,另外也說明了目前的 patch 會讓 SPDY 失效:

Applying this patch removes the SPDY module from the NGINX codebase and replaces it with the HTTP/2 module. After applying this patch, you can no longer configure NGINX to use SPDY.

而在這之後也不會讓 HTTP/2 與 SPDY 同時並存:

This will also be the case for the production-ready release of the HTTP/2 implementation in both NGINX and NGINX Plus. SPDY is being deprecated by Google in early 2016, so there is no need to support both.

但從 HTTP/2 的支援度SPDY 的支援度來看,行動裝置都還不支援 HTTP/2,但 iOS 8.4 以及 Android 3+ 都已經支援 SPDY 了,這樣看起來非常的傷啊...