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StackOverflow 對於多 DNS 商的同步方式...

他們的解法是設計出一套 DSL (Domain Specific Language),然後從 DSL 轉出各 DNS 商的格式:「Introducing DnsControl – “DNS as Code” has Arrived」。

stackoverflow.com 來說,可以看到有同時使用 AWSRoute 53GoogleCloud DNS

stackoverflow.com.      36458   IN      NS      ns-cloud-e2.googledomains.com.
stackoverflow.com.      36458   IN      NS      ns-358.awsdns-44.com.
stackoverflow.com.      36458   IN      NS      ns-1033.awsdns-01.org.
stackoverflow.com.      36458   IN      NS      ns-cloud-e1.googledomains.com.

於是他們就用 DSL 管理:

D(“stackoverflow.com”, REG_NAMEDOTCOM, DnsProvider(R53), DnsProvider(GCLOUD),
    A(“@”, “”),
    A(“blog”, “”),
    CNAME(“chat”, “chat.stackexchange.com.”),
    CNAME(“www”, “@”, TTL(3600)),
    A(“meta”, “”)

這套程式碼在「StackExchange/dnscontrol」這邊,但這樣搞有種微妙的感覺... 不考慮直接用兩家有支援 AXFR 架構的 DNS 商來架設嗎?這樣就只要用 BIND 這類已經很熟悉的軟體設定就好?

nginx 打算使用 JavaScript 的方法...

nginx 的創辦人在接受 InfoWorld 訪問時提到了打算使用 JavaScript 做為設定檔的計畫:「The company plans to let you use JavaScript as an application language in its eponymous Web server」。

We're planning JavaScript configurations, using JavaScript in [an] Nginx configuration. We plan to be more efficient on these [configurations], and we plan to develop a flexible application platform. You can use JavaScript snippets inside configurations to allow more flexible handling of requests, to filter responses, to modify responses. Also, eventually, JavaScript can be used as [an] application language for Nginx. Currently we have only Perl and Lua [supported in Nginx]. Perl is our own model, and Lua is a third-party model.

目前的設定檔算是 DSL?還蠻有趣的想法...