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SQL 的設計與寫作規範

看到「SQL Style Guide」這個網站,把 SQL 常見的行為都列出來,寫了一份規範... 每個團隊未必都要照這個規範走,可以透過他條列的項目思考,再改成自己團隊的規範。

附註一下,最底下有繁體中文的翻譯版本,如果懶的看英文的版本可以看這份:「SQL樣式指南 · SQL Style Guide」。

SSL Certificate 的認證方式限縮

在「Ballot 218 - Remove validation methods 1 and 5 - CAB Forum」看到「Ballot 218: Remove validation methods #1 and #5」這則議案以 78% 的同意票通過,限縮 SSL Certificate 的認證方式。眼睛瞄到中華電信投下反對票:

14 Yes votes: CFCA, Cisco, Comodo CA, D-TRUST, DigiCert, GDCA, GlobalSign, GoDaddy, Izenpe, Let’s Encrypt, Logius PKIoverheid, SSL.com, TrustCor, Trustwave

4 No votes: Buypass, Chunghwa Telecom, Entrust Datacard, SwissSign

4 Abstain: Actalis, Disig, HARICA, OATI

78% of voting CAs voted in favor

找了一下在 BR (Baseline Requirements) 的 與,其中前者是透過註冊商認證: Validating the Applicant as a Domain Contact

Confirming the Applicant's control over the FQDN by validating the Applicant is the Domain Contact directly with the Domain Name Registrar.

後者是透過文件認證: Domain Authorization Document

Confirming the Applicant's control over the FQDN by relying upon the attestation to the authority of the Applicant to request a Certificate contained in a Domain Authorization Document.

在想投下反對的原因,會不會是因為中華自己的 domain 應該都是透過後者方式發的?透過內部公文系統...

在 AWS 上跑 Consul 與 Vault 的介紹

HashiCorp 這邊看到在 AWS 上跑 ConsulVault 的介紹文章:「Consul and Vault on AWS: Quick Start Guides」。

Consul 負責 service discovery 與 health check (還有簡單的 key-value 功能);Vault 則負責管理各種 secret (像是資料庫的帳號密碼之類的資訊)。

這些資料分別可以在「HashiCorp Consul on AWS」與「HashiCorp Vault on AWS」看到,打開 PDF 後可以發現是 AWS 與 HashiCorp 的人合作生出來的文件,要在上面實作的人可以看一看,應該是可以少走冤枉路...


在「Page dewarping」這篇看到講文件掃描的技術,以及 open source 的程式,對比之前提到的「Dropbox 的文件掃描功能」與「Dropbox 的 Document Detecting」的時間點,有種淡淡的惡意 XD


A while back, I wrote a script to create PDFs from photos of hand-written text. It was nothing special – just adaptive thresholding and combining multiple images into a PDF – but it came in handy whenever a student emailed me their homework as a pile of JPEGs. After I demoed the program to my fiancée, she ended up asking me to run it from time to time on photos of archival documents for her linguistics research. This summer, she came back from the library with a number of images where the text was significantly warped due to curled pages.

So I decided to write a program that automatically turns pictures like the one on the left below to the one on the right:

程式都可以在 GitHub 上翻到:「Text page dewarping using a "cubic sheet" model」。跟 Dropbox 互別苗頭的感覺 XDDD

Dropbox 的文件掃描功能

算是講 Dropbox 的「Dropbox 的 Document Detecting」這篇的續集,在抓出文件位置後講顏色的校準:「Fast Document Rectification and Enhancement」。


顏色校準的部份講到了這張很有名的圖。在圖片上,A 與 B 的區塊顏色是相同的,但你校準出來的時候必須跟人腦的感覺相同:

Here’s a great illustration of this “illusion,” in which the two tiles marked A and B have the same pixel values, but appear to be very different:


Left: the original image. Middle: an enhanced image, with the background becoming white and the foreground preserved in exact R, G, B values. Note that the colors appear faded. Right: an enhanced image that tries to correct for the perceptual discrepancy.

應該是在 Dropbox 裡面的專案,是個有不少數學可以玩的專案...

Dropbox 的 Document Detecting

Dropbox 發表了他們所研究的 Document Detecting 技術:「Fast and Accurate Document Detection for Scanning」。


Canny edge detector 會跑出這樣,很明顯多了很多不太正確的邊線,對於後續判斷上會困難不少:

剛好也是最近看到的另外一篇文章「Image Kernels Explained Visually」在講 Image Kernel,有些地方有點類似的東西,交叉看頗有感覺的...

Anyway,Dropbox 最後的成果很不錯啊,可以看示範: