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科威特通過法律強制取得每個人的 DNA:包括外籍人士與訪客

Bruce Schneier 這邊看到這則新聞:「Kuwaiti Government will DNA Test Everyone」,原始報導在「Kuwait set to enforce DNA testing law on all – Officials reassure tests won’t be used to determine genealogy」這邊,開頭的說明還蠻清楚的:

The DNA testing law that will go into effect this year is aimed at creating an integrated security database and does not include genealogical implications or affects personal freedoms and privacy.


When the law (no. 78/2015) is applied, it will be binding on all citizens, expatriates and visitors too.

Bruce Schneier 擔心的是這種嚴重侵犯隱私的資訊沒有任何罰則可以阻止科威特政府將 DNA 資訊轉其他國家的政府:

And there is nothing preventing the Kuwaiti government from sharing that information with any other government.