Django 3.1

看到「Django 3.1 Released」這邊的公告,比較完整的改變可以在「Django 3.1 release notes」這邊翻到。

這應該是第一次要把手上的專案跳 minor version 升級,看起來應該是還好,但天曉得會有什麼狀況... 看起來主要會是 sha1 要被換成 sha256 會有影響到。


SimpleTestCase now implements the debug() method to allow running a test without collecting the result and catching exceptions. This can be used to support running tests under a debugger.


django 的 LTS

看到「Django 1.11 released」這篇才發現 django 也有設計 LTS 機制... 在「Django’s release process」這邊有介紹:

Certain feature releases will be designated as long-term support (LTS) releases. These releases will get security and data loss fixes applied for a guaranteed period of time, typically three years.


Facebook 的「Augmented Traffic Control」模擬網路環境

Facebook 推出 Augmented Traffic Control,模擬網路環境:「Augmented Traffic Control: A tool to simulate network conditions」。


  • bandwidth
  • latency
  • packet loss
  • corrupted packets
  • packets ordering

Facebook 的成果是 Python + Django 寫的前端管理界面,實際運作還是透過 Linuxiptables

也有提供 Vagrant 的操作方式讓人「試用」,主要是讓人在本機上就可以用吧?