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先前在「NIST 新的密碼規範」這邊提到了用字典檔避免使用者選擇弱密碼的問題: When processing requests to establish and change memorized secrets, verifiers SHOULD compare the prospective secrets against a dictionary of known commonly-used and/or compromised values. This list SHOULD include passwords from previous breach corpuses, as well as dictionary words … Continue reading

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教育部三本字辭典改用 CC BY-ND 3.0 TW 授權

剛剛看到的消息,教育部國語辭典公眾授權網採用 CC BY-ND 3.0 TW 授權,將《重編國語辭典修訂本》、《國語辭典簡編本》、《國語小字典》三本字辭典公開授權,並且提供結構化的資料下載: Post by 唐鳳. ND 有點可惜啊,不過是一大步了...

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