Bloomberg 的「Where Your iPhone Goes to Die (and Be Reborn)」這篇稍微描述了 Apple 裝置回收後的報廢過程。


While global brands including HP, Huawei, Amazon and Microsoft also have detailed protocols for recycling their products, Apple’s are the most rigid and exacting, according to people involved in the processes, who declined to be identified because they’re not authorized to speak about clients.

不過 Bloomberg 的人有跟蘋果官方取得一些訪問資料:

"I think people expect it of us, I think our customers hold us to a high standard," Lisa Jackson, Apple’s head of environmental affairs, said by phone from the company’s Cupertino headquarters. "It’s difficult, because these are incredibly complex pieces of product."


After a quick test, the recycler will either buy the phone or offer to scrap it for free. In the U.S., payouts for working phones range from $100 for the smallest-capacity iPhone 4, to $350 for the largest iPhone 6 Plus. More stringent testing then shows whether the handset can be resold or must be scrapped.

以及 Bloomberg 做的一些圖表,可以看到各種處理的原則以及回收的大概流程:

AWS Device Farm 支援手機上的 Web Application 測試

AWS Device Farm 支援在 iOSAndroid 上測試 Web Application 了:「AWS Device Farm Update – Test Web Apps on Mobile Devices」。


AWS Device Farm 支援 iOS Device 了

AWS 前幾天宣佈將在 8/4 發表 AWS Device Farm 支援 iOS 的消息,剛剛看到了:「AWS Device Farm adds support for iOS – Test your iOS, Android and Fire OS apps against real devices in the AWS Cloud」。

在「Device List」這邊可以看到所有支援的機種,iOS 的部份包括了 iPadiPhoneiPod Touch,看起來只有比較新的機種有支援...

AWS Device Farm 將支援 iOS 裝置

剛剛在 Twitter 上先看到了:「Coming Soon – AWS Device Farm Support for iOS Apps」。

We plan to launch support for iOS on August 4, 2015 with support for the following test automation frameworks:

應該是有跟蘋果合作吧,感覺會是成千上萬隻的量在跑... XD

AWS 推出的 Device Farm

AWS Device Farm 正式啟用了,可以測 AndroidAmazonFire OS 手機:「AWS Device Farm – Test Mobile Apps on Real Devices」。



然後各種 screenshot:


價錢就如同之前提到的,USD$0.17/min 或是單隻包月 USD$250 (大約是測一整天的價錢):

Pricing is in units of device minutes, basically the duration of a single test run on a particular device. You get 250 minutes at no charge as part of a Free Trial; after that you pay $0.17 per device minute. You can also opt in to our unmetered testing plan; you can perform unlimited testing on any supported Android or FireOS device for a flat monthly fee of $250.

AWS 推出 Device Farm (行動裝置測試平台)

AWS 最近動作很多,預定在 2015/07/13 推出 AWS Device Farm,可以讓使用者直接租機器測試,價錢則是 USD$0.17/minute,或是租用一整個月 USD$250/month (一個裝置):

Pricing is based on device minutes, which are determined by the number of devices you use and the duration of your tests. AWS Device Farm comes with a free tier of 250 device minutes. After that you are charged $0.17 per device minute. As your testing needs grow, you can opt for our unmetered testing plan, which allows unlimited testing for a flat monthly fee of $250 per device.


Cisco 會將硬體寄送到貨運商,以提高 NSA 攔截安裝後門的難度

在「To Avoid NSA Interception, Cisco Will Ship To Decoy Addresses」這篇看到的報導,出自「Cisco posts kit to empty houses to dodge NSA chop shops」這篇。

去年 Snowden 揭露的資料顯示 NSA 會攔截 Cisco 的硬體,並且在上面安裝後門再打包寄出:「Greenwald alleges NSA tampers with routers to plant backdoors」:

"The NSA routinely receives – or intercepts – routers, servers and other computer network devices being exported from the US before they are delivered to the international customers."

The agency then implants backdoor surveillance tools, repackages the devices with a factory seal and sends them on. The NSA thus gains access to entire networks and all their users.

不過 Cisco 的反應好慢,去年五月就有的消息,現在才提出改善方案。

改善的方法是寄送到集散地,再請人去拿。讓 NSA 之類的單位想要攔截的成本提高。

英國政府對電腦的資安管理機制:Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 的部份

Ubuntu Insights 上看到「UK Government issues Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Security Guidance」,英國政府發布了 Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 的資安規範:「End User Devices Security Guidance: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS」,在裡面甚至還包括了 script 幫你處理。

可以在「End User Devices Security and Configuration Guidance」的「Per-platform Guidance」看到其他作業系統的資安管理規範。


AWS 推出信用卡式的 MFA

AWS 推出信用卡式的 MFA:「A Convenient New Hardware MFA Form Factor」。

一樣是跟 Gemalto 合作。相較於之前掛在鑰匙圈上變得更容易收納 (可以放到皮夾內):

實體的 OTP 還是比 app 形式的安全強度好,變成信用卡形式後應該再弄一片來玩玩...

Google 提供的 Android Dashboards...


在 Dashboards 裡的數據是出自 14 天內有連到 Google Play Store 上面的數據:

Beginning in April, 2013, these charts are now built using data collected from each device when the user visits the Google Play Store.

這個數據比實際出貨的版本有意義,因為這代表了會用 Store 的人的比率。而使用者不會連到 Store 的話,開發者也比較不用管支援度的問題...

2.3.3 (API 10) 之後累積起來是 95.1%,然後幾乎所有機器都支援 OpenGL ES 2...