修正 Mac 外接螢幕的 Underscan 問題

公司的 MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports) 透過 HDMI 接 Dell P2419H 一直都有 Underscan 的問題:

出自「About overscan and underscan on your Mac, Apple TV, or other display

本來想透過 Underscan slide 修改 (像是下面這張圖),但發現系統內沒有 Underscan slide。

出自「About overscan and underscan on your Mac, Apple TV, or other display

找了不少文章後後來是在「Fixing Issues with Overscan/Underscan(Black Borders) on macOS」這篇的 comment 看到解法:

Ran into this same underscan problem with black borders showing up on my new Dell 24-inch Ultrasharp U2415 connected to a 2013 Macbook Air running High Sierra, and after hours of looking into the problem the fix turned out to be super simple:

Just restart in Safe Mode.

That’s it. Restart your Mac in Safe Mode (restart, hold down the Shift key after the Apple BONG sounds, then restart normally once again for good measure. I don’t know what this clears or resets but it worked for me. No more letterboxing or black borders with the native 1920×1200 resolution selected.

So maybe something to try first for anyone coming across this post.

照著重開進 Safe mode 後再開回一般模式就正常了 (what???),先記錄起來,讓我之後遇到時可以搜尋到自己的文章...

AWS Storage Gateway 實體伺服器版

AWS 推出了實體伺服器版本的 Storage Gateway,以 Dell 的伺服器為底,上面安裝 AWS 的軟體:「New – AWS Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance」。

可以直接從 Amazon 上訂:「AWS Storage Gateway pre-loaded on a Dell EMC PowerEdge server」。

從網路界面是 em{1,2,3,4} 猜,裡面看起來應該不是 Linux Kernel 為底的系統:

對於使用虛擬機版本不夠用的使用者可以直接搬一台回去用... XD

Dell 把 IT 服務產品線賣給 NTT Data

讓人頗意想不到的新聞,NTT Data 買下 Dell 的 IT 服務產品線:「Dell to sell Perot Systems unit to NTT Data at loss of $800 million」。

大家的解讀都是跟 EMC 併購案有關:

Dell, which went private in 2013, is trying to raise money as it prepares to complete a $67 billion acquisition of EMC.

NTT Data 會去買則是為了擴展海外業務,NTT Data 官方的新聞稿在這:「NTT DATA to Acquire Dell Services, Accelerating the Company's Position as a Leading Global IT Services Partner」。

Dell 在出廠的電腦上裝自己的 Root Certificate,順便把 Private Key 也裝進去了...

Dell 在出廠的電腦上裝了 Root Certificate (eDellRoot),並且附上 Private Key:「Dell apologizes for HTTPS certificate fiasco, provides removal tool」。

出自 Redditrotorcowboy 的爆破:「Dell ships laptops with rogue root CA, exactly like what happened with Lenovo and Superfish」。

Dell 官方的正式回應:「Response to Concerns Regarding eDellroot Certificate」。

由於有 Private Key,有人架了一個檢測網站,在「Are you affected by the eDellRoot-Certificate issue?」這邊可以確認電腦是否中獎。

大家都超愛搞這套的 XDDD

Dell 買下 EMC

前幾天提到的「傳言 Dell 要買 EMC...」發生了,歷史上最大的科技產業併購案,Dell 買下 EMC:「IT'S OFFICIAL: Dell just bought EMC in the biggest tech merger ever」。

估算約 670 億美金的併購案:

Assuming, for illustrative purposes, a valuation for each share of tracking stock of $81.78, the intraday volume-weighted average price for VMware on Wednesday, October 7, 2015, EMC shareholders would receive a total combined consideration of $33.15 per EMC share and the total transaction would be valued at approximately $67 billion.

Etsy 用 SSD 的故事

EtsyLaurie Denness 對於 Etsy 使用各種品牌 SSD 的情況給出了他的經歷:「SSDs: A gift and a curse」。


SSD firmware is buggy

可以看到當 SSD 配上 RAID controller 的時候,常常會需要找問題... (而且很難找)

Intel 的評價很不錯:

Okay, bad start, we’ve actually had no issues with Intel. This seems to be common across other companies we’ve spoken to.

OCZ 倒了,被 Toshiba 收購,而且 S.M.A.R.T. 資訊很差,很難預測什麼時候會掛掉 (有助於提前替換):

However, they had poor SMART info (none) so predicting failures was hard.

HP 是個大黑盒:

Unfortunately, HP have proprietary RAID controllers, and they don’t support SMART. Or rather, they refuse to talk to non-HP drives using off the shelf technology, they have their own methods.

Samsung 的評價不錯,C/P 值很高,而且有 S.M.A.R.T.:

Samsung saved the day and picked up from OCZ with a ludicrously cheap 960GB offering, the 840 EVO. A consumer drive, so very limited warranty, but for the price (~$400-500) you got great IOPS and they were reliable. They had better SMART info, and seemed to play nicely with our hardware.

不過 BB6Q 版的韌體搞爆了效能,雖然最後修好了:「Samsung Releases Firmware Update to Fix the SSD 840 EVO Read Performance Bug」。

LiteOn 則是掛在 GC 上 (RAID 裡同時掛掉兩顆以上):

The SSDs were having extended garbage collection periods, exacerbated by a smaller amount of SSDs with higher IO, in RAID6. This caused the controller to kick the drive out of the array… and unfortunately due to the write levelling across the drives, at least two of them were garbage collecting at the same time, destroying the array integrity.

不過後來 Dell 與 LiteOn 分別就 RAID controller 與 SSD 本身都跳下去修正,最後還是解決了:

Dell and LiteOn together identified and fixed weaknesses in their RAID controller, the backplane and the SSD firmware.

算是經驗分享,在 SSD 硬碟成熟的過程中間必經的道路 XD

好便宜的 server...

在「My new test lab」這篇看到有人買了一台 2U (4 node) 的伺服器來跑測試環境:

用文章內提到的「1 Dell PowerEdge Server XS23-SB 4 Node 8x L5420 Quad Core 96GB RAM 4x HD Caddy」去查,發現非全新機的價錢超便宜:「Dell PowerEdge XS23-SB 8x Xeon Quad Core 2.5Ghz 64GB 4 in1 Cloud Server」。

每個 node 有兩顆 L5420 與 24GB RAM,主機內建兩張 Intel Gigabit 網卡。



回家發現螢幕過電沒畫面,看了一下購買日期,過三年保固期在討錢了... 只好先把電腦電源關掉,明天下班的時候去光華商場買一顆回來。在新的螢幕到之前只好先用 laptop 撐著。(剛好前陣子買新的 laptop...)

查了一下資料,有支援 2560x1440 WQHD 解析度的只有 AppleDellEIZO 這三家有出,拿來寫 code 偶而看看動畫,應該會買 Dell 的吧...