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CloudFront 在東京開到第八個點了...

看到 Amazon CloudFront 宣佈在東京開到第八個點了:「Amazon CloudFront launches eighth Edge location in Tokyo, Japan」。

Amazon CloudFront announces the addition of an eighth Edge location in Tokyo, Japan. The addition of another Edge location continues to expand CloudFront's capacity in the region, allowing us to serve increased volumes of web traffic.

這個成長速度有點驚人,一月才加了兩個,現在又要再加一個... 不過大阪還是維持一個。

Microsoft 啟用自己的 CDN 了...

在朋友的 tweet 裡看到微軟啟用自己的 Azure CDN 了,先前應該是提供 AkamaiEdgeCast 的服務:「Announcing Microsoft's own Content Delivery Network」。

看圖似乎是有台灣的點,不過我找不到可以測試 traceroute 的 endpoint,頁面上用的圖還是 EdgeCast 的啊 XDDD

azurecomcdn.azureedge.net. 1604 IN      CNAME   azurecomcdn.ec.azureedge.net.
azurecomcdn.ec.azureedge.net. 3404 IN   CNAME   cs9.wpc.v0cdn.net.
cs9.wpc.v0cdn.net.      3404    IN      A

然後公測期間優惠價 50%:

Azure Content Delivery Network Standard from Verizon (S1) and Akamai (S2) and Microsoft (S3)*
*S3 is currently in public preview. CDN rates will be 50% of the stated price during this period.

AWS CodeDeploy 支援 BlueGreenDeployment

AWS CodeDeploy 推出了 BlueGreenDeployment 的功能:「AWS CodeDeploy Introduces Blue/Green Deployments」。

BlueGreenDeployment 的目的不計成本想辦法把上線的 downtime 壓到最低,而且當出問題時 rollback 的時間壓到最低的方法:

One of the challenges with automating deployment is the cut-over itself, taking software from the final stage of testing to live production. You usually need to do this quickly in order to minimize downtime.

Blue-green deployment also gives you a rapid way to rollback - if anything goes wrong you switch the router back to your blue environment.

其實就是直接跑兩個環境 (所以成本比較高),一套跑舊的一套跑新的,然後在前面的 load balancer 切換:

The blue-green deployment approach does this by ensuring you have two production environments, as identical as possible.


在「Our secret’s out.」這邊看到 VanMoof (腳踏車生意) 對於托運公司每次都把腳踏車給弄壞的解決方法 XDDD

因為包裝很像平板螢幕,就掛個平板螢幕的圖片上去,然後運送的損壞率就下降 70%~80%:

Earlier this year our co-founder Ties had a flash of genius. Our boxes are about the same size as a (really really reaaaally massive) flatscreen television. Flatscreen televisions always arrive in perfect condition. What if we just printed a flatscreen television on the side of our boxes?

And just like that, shipping damage to our bikes dropped by 70–80%.

然後文末偷偷爆破了是哪家負責運送 XDDD

We were hoping to keep this small tweak quiet, but thanks to Twitter, the secret’s out.

Just don’t tell FedEx.

Wal-Mart 與 Uber/Lyft 合作迎戰 Amazon

Amazon 透過各種技術整合的比較好 (像是先前發表無人機空運的技術 Amazon Prime Air),而 Wal-Mart 則是跟 Uber/Lyft 這樣的公司配合:「Wal-Mart Plans to Test Grocery Delivery Through Uber, Lyft」。


The move steps up competition with Amazon’s burgeoning grocery-delivery service and provides a potential new avenue of growth for Uber and Lyft. The idea is to let Wal-Mart customers pick out groceries online and then have employees fill the order and give it to one of the ride-hailing companies’ drivers. Shoppers will pay a $7-to-$10 delivery charge to Wal-Mart to have the groceries brought to their door.

Google 在舊金山與洛杉磯開始宅配生鮮食品...

Google Express 延伸業務到生鮮食品上:「Google Launches Fresh-Grocery Deliveries」,與生鮮業者合作。

Google said it would begin delivering produce, meat, eggs and other perishable goods on Wednesday in parts of San Francisco and Los Angeles. The service is part of Google Express, which partners with retailers in some U.S. cities to deliver goods to consumers within hours of an order.


Alphabet Inc.'s Google is expanding its same-day delivery service to fresh groceries, the latest example of the tech titan’s increasing push into consumers’ daily lives.

我以為會掛在 Alphabet 下做,而不是在 Google 下做...

Netflix 與 Comcast 的恩怨

其實就是商業公司之間的勾心鬥角,在包裝後搬到檯面上 :p

Netflix 在美國固網裡吃的流量比 YouTube 還多,可想而知當然就變成各 ISP 找麻煩的對象...

出自 Sandvine 的「Global Internet Phenomena Report 2H 2013」。

Netflix 有多種方式將影片傳遞給使用者。除了早期自建機房外,後來跟不少 CDN 有業務往來 (包括了 AkamaiLimelightLevel3),另外也有 Netflix Open Connect Content Delivery Network 計畫,直接在 ISP 內部機房放設備提供服務。

使用 CDN 的作法成本太高,而 ISP 又不一定會接受 Open Connect 方案 (因為不一定收的到錢),在這種情況下,如果走 transit 線路的速度通常都不會太好。而 Netflix 與 Comcast 之間的狀況就是如此:

在付給 Comcast 錢後速度都都解決了...

除了付錢解決外,上個禮拜 Netflix 就丟出一篇說明的文章發難了:「The Case Against ISP Tolls」,這篇文章除了提到上面的事情外,另外還極力反對 Comcast 與 Time Warner Cable 的併購案 XDDD

然後最近又炒熱的網路中立問題,看起來也這件案子應該會很熱鬧 XDDD

CloudFlare 的速度...

CloudFlare 是一種 CDN 服務,相較於其他 CDN 會被歸類到 AkamaiDynamic Site AcceleratorLimelight NetworksDynamic Site Platform,或是 EdgeCastApplication Delivery Network

這類型的 CDN 加速服務,如果用在完全沒有考慮最佳化的網站上,效果應該會很明顯。但如果拿到 WordPress 或是其他 open source 軟體上,反而會因為軟體已經做了不少處理,上了 CloudFlare 反而因為多了一層而變慢。

不過會變慢多少呢?有人跳下去測試寫報告了:「Cloudflare Showdown」,如果懶得看中間的數據,可以看最後的結論「Conclusion」。

如果用在已經最佳化過的網站上,用 CloudFlare 會慢不少,如果是 WordPress 及其他 open source 軟體,最好的情況是快一點點,但最差的情況會慢個幾倍... 作者下的結論是「不要用」。

跟預期差不多,動態資料的加速基本上是個商業包裝而已,真正需要加速還是得自己把可以 cache 的部份切割出來。