DefaultCcPlugin 改 Component 不會增加 Cc 列表的問題...

TracDefaultCcPlugin 裡有個很喜歡用的 feature:改 component 後會自動增加該 component 的 cc list。但這在 Changeset 13747 被「修正」掉了:

0.3dev: Only append to CC field when ticket is created. Fixes #11624.
Previously the CC field would be modified on Preview and during any ticket change, however these would often go undetected since the field is de-duplicated on save.

而這個 plugin 還是用 Subversion 管理,本來找了一堆 svn2git 的工具,後來發現 Git 所以靠 git-svn 拉下來再改,然後再丟出來:「gslin/defaultccplugin」。