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昨天先看到 Mark Zuckerberg 丟出來的資訊,比較完整的資料可以在「Better Computer Go Player with Neural Network and Long-term Prediction」這邊看到。

Facebook 這邊的成就在於用 DCNN-based model 改善效率,可以用一台電腦 (包括 GPU) 維持在 KGS 5d (業餘五段),跟 Zen19 差不多的棋力,跟目前最好的電腦圍棋軟體棋力差不多:

darkfmcts3now holds a stable KGS 5d level, on par with the top Go AIs, has beaten Zen19 onceand hold 1win/1lose against a Korean 6p professional player with 4 handicaps.

The distributed version, named darkfmcts3in KGS Go Server, use darkfores2 as the underlying DCNN model, runs 75,000 rollouts on 2048 threads and produces a move every 13 seconds with one Intel Xeon E5-2680 v2 at 2.80GHz and 44 NVidia K40m GPUs.

In this paper, we have substantially improved the performance of DCNN-based Go AI, extensively evaluated it against both open source engines and strong amateur human players, and shown its potentials if combined with Monte-Carlo Tree Search (MCTS).

而隔壁棚的 Google 也丟出對應的研究成果「AlphaGo: Mastering the ancient game of Go with Machine Learning」,直接往 Nature 上丟:「Mastering the game of Go with deep neural networks and tree search」。

Google 不是跑在單機上,而是跑在 Google Cloud Platform 上,分散式的版本大約是職業五段的水準:

Of course, all of this requires a huge amount of compute power, so we made extensive use of Google Cloud Platform, which enables researchers working on AI and Machine Learning to access elastic compute, storage and networking capacity on demand.

實際對樊麾 (職業二段) 的成績也是五比零的大獲全勝:

So we invited the reigning 3-time European Go champion Fan Hui — an elite professional player who has devoted his life to Go since the age of 12 — to our London office for a challenge match. The match was played behind closed doors between October 5-9 last year. AlphaGo won by 5 games to 0 -- the first time a computer program has ever beaten a professional Go player.


AlphaGo’s next challenge will be to play the top Go player in the world over the last decade, Lee Sedol. The match will take place this March in Seoul, South Korea. Lee Sedol is excited to take on the challenge saying, "I am privileged to be the one to play, but I am confident that I can win." It should prove to be a fascinating contest!