InterNetNews (INN) 在測試 Git

在 mailing list 上看到「Test Git repository for INN」這個消息,看起來 InterNetNews 也在嘗試換到 Git 上了,目前是選擇用 GitHub,在「InterNetNews/inn」這邊。

整個從 CVS 換到 Subversion 再到現在開始進入 Git 的環境了。

沒有全部自己搞的理由也有提到,主要就是免費與方便,然後社群也已經知道 GitHub 是什麼了:

GitHub was chosen because it's (a) free (as in price), (b) widely understood and used already, and (c) easy for me to set up. I know some folks have reservations about GitHub because it's not free software, and I understand, but I don't think we're committing heavily to their platform (everyone who has a clone of the Git repository has all the important data and can move it elsewhere), and other things like GitLab are only open core anyway. Hosting everything on 100% free software (depending on the choice of free software) loses us some useful features (I plan to set up GitHub Actions for CI) and requires more resources that I don't really have to spend on it. That said, everyone is certainly welcome to mirror the Git repository elsewhere if they want.

之後會跑 CI,算是這些年軟體工程必備的工具了...

FreeBSD ports 將從 CVS 轉移到 Subversion 上...

有陣子的新聞了:「[FreeBSD-Ports-Announce] [HEADS UP] Ports tree migration to Subversion」。

預定是 7/14 要轉換,轉換完成後仍然會有程式把 Subversion repository 的變更同步到 CVS 上,所以本來用 csupcvsup 的人仍然可以取得更新。

當初選 Subversion 的原因是什麼啊?又是 GPL license issue 嗎?