DigitalOcean 開始加收 Snapshot 費用

收到 DigitalOcean 的信件通知,snapshot 會開始收費:

Starting October 1, 2016, we will begin charging for snapshot storage at $0.05 per gigabyte per month. This will first be reflected in the invoice posted to your account on November 1, 2016. Like other features, snapshot storage uses hourly pricing, and size is calculated from a compressed version of the snapshot—not the total disk space allocated to the Droplet.


CloudFlare 對 HiNet 成本的抱怨 (還有其他 ISP...)

CloudFlare 特地寫了一篇討拍文在分析對六個 ISP 的超高成本:「Bandwidth Costs Around the World」。


As a benchmark, let's assume the cost of transit in Europe and North America is 10 units (per Mbps).

然後來看亞洲區以及 HiNet 的部份寫了什麼:

Two Asian locations stand out as being especially expensive: Seoul and Taipei. In these markets, with powerful incumbents (Korea Telecom and HiNet), transit costs 15x as much as in Europe or North America, or 150 units.

成本大約是 15 倍。另外說明這六個 ISP 佔了他們 50% 的頻寬成本 (以及 6% 的流量):

Today, however, there are six expensive networks (HiNet, Korea Telecom, Optus, Telecom Argentina, Telefonica, Telstra) that are more than an order of magnitude more expensive than other bandwidth providers around the globe and refuse to discuss local peering relationships. To give you a sense, these six networks represent less than 6% of the traffic but nearly 50% of our bandwidth costs.

為什麼有種濃濃的既視感 XDDD

CloudFlare 的頻寬成本

CloudFlare 上個月底的時候發了一篇關於頻寬成本的文章:「The Relative Cost of Bandwidth Around the World」。


成本跟 transit 以及 peering 的量有關,這是 CloudFlare 提供的數字,只能拿來參考用...

DNS Prefetch 的利弊

Simon Willison 轉了一篇文章,提到某個網站用 meta tag 關掉 DNS Prefetch 後,每個月省下 USD$1600:「DNS Prefetching Implications」。

會這麼貴的主要原因在於 DNS Prefetch 是利用「浪費資源」加速,設計上本來就不需要很快的反應時間,所以不應該讓他上昂貴的 Anycast-based DNS service。更何況 Anycast-based DNS service 應該是在整個系統都 tune 到極致後,壓榨最後一丁點效能的武器...

自己架設 DNS server,或是透過 Domain Registar and/or Hosting 公司代管,效果其實都不差。如果想要測試 Anycast-based DNS service,除了 Route53 可以玩看看以外,EasyDNS 也有提供平價的服務 (而且可以是 slave server),要測試的人可以測看看...