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AWS 推出新的 Cost Explorer API,不過 API 不是重點啦...

AWS 的「New – Interactive AWS Cost Explorer API」這篇文章在一開頭就提到了 Cost Explorer API 的情況,所以他們要推出新的 API 改進: We launched the AWS Cost Explorer a couple of years ago in order to allow you to track, allocate, and manage your AWS costs. The response … Continue reading

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Amazon EC2 的 C5 家族...

Amazon EC2 推出新的 instance:「Now Available – Compute-Intensive C5 Instances for Amazon EC2」,官方宣稱這次單位價錢的效能與 C4 相比大約提升了 25%,而極端的情況可以到 50%: The new instances offer a 25% price/performance improvement over the C4 instances, with over 50% for some workloads. 這次比較特別的是切分方式,是 large、xlarge、2xlarge、4xlarge、9xlarge (咦?) 以及 18xlarge (...)。 … Continue reading

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有 Lazy Connection 功能的 PDO object

在「Aura.Sql」這邊看到有提供 Lazy Connection 的 PDO object,而且是繼承自本來的 PDO object: Provides an extension to the native PDO along with a profiler and connection locator. Because ExtendedPdo is an extension of the native PDO, code already using the native PDO or typehinted to … Continue reading

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Amazon RDS 的 RI 也支援彈性計價了

AWS 宣佈 RDS 的 RI 也支援彈性計價了:「Amazon RDS Reserved Instances Offer Instance Size Flexibility」。 也就是說跟 EC2 的 RI 方式切齊,買 db.m4.2xlarge 的 RI 後,可以用在兩台 db.m4.xlarge 上: For example, let’s say you purchased a db.m4.2xlarge MySQL RI in US East (N. Virginia). The … Continue reading

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用 Xbox 控制器操控潛艇

拿民用品當作軍事器材不是第一次了,不過拿來操作潛艇倒是蠻值得看一下的:「The U.S. Navy's most advanced submarines will soon be using Xbox controllers」。 在 lab 環境測試的畫面。 原因頗簡單,就是成本考量,而且很容易取得: The company says the photonic mast handgrip and imaging control panel that cost about $38,000 can be replaced with an Xbox controller that typically … Continue reading

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透過 AWS Budgets 管控 Reserved Instance 的使用率

現在可以透過 AWS Budgets 來看到 Reserved Instance 的使用率了:「Monitor your Reserved Instance utilization by receiving alerts via AWS Budgets」。 Starting today, customers can now monitor and receive alerts when their Reserved Instance (“RI”) utilization falls below the threshold they define. 算是個開頭,不過我更想請 AWS … Continue reading

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Backblaze B2 的降價...

Backblaze B2 是個 cloud storage 服務 (類似於 Amazon S3),最近宣布降價:「Backblaze B2 Drops Download Price By 60%」。 這次降價是降流量的部分,從 USD$0.05/GB 降到 USD$0.02/GB。參考去年的價錢:「Cheapest Secure Cloud Storage Provider: B2」。 不知道可以傳多快,另外是工具的豐富度比 S3 還是差不少 :o

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印度 ISP 跟 Torrent 站台合作加速下載

在「Indian ISPs Speed Up BitTorrent by ‘Peering’ With a Torrent Site」這篇講到印度的 ISP 跟 torrent 站台 TorBox 合作,加速下載的速度。 裡面提到了蠻有趣的加速技巧: They help users to download content faster by linking them to local peers in their own network. 不知道是不是指 Local Peer Discovery (BEP-14) … Continue reading

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DigitalOcean 開始加收 Snapshot 費用

收到 DigitalOcean 的信件通知,snapshot 會開始收費: Starting October 1, 2016, we will begin charging for snapshot storage at $0.05 per gigabyte per month. This will first be reflected in the invoice posted to your account on November 1, 2016. Like other features, … Continue reading

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CloudFlare 對 HiNet 成本的抱怨 (還有其他 ISP...)

CloudFlare 特地寫了一篇討拍文在分析對六個 ISP 的超高成本:「Bandwidth Costs Around the World」。 其他的就不講了,先看對價錢的定義: As a benchmark, let's assume the cost of transit in Europe and North America is 10 units (per Mbps). 然後來看亞洲區以及 HiNet 的部份寫了什麼: Two Asian locations stand out as being especially expensive: … Continue reading

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