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Amazon 版的 OpenJDK 8 進入 GA

去年 11 月的時候 AWS 宣佈了要自己維護 OpenJDK 套件的計畫 Amazon Corretto:「AWS 決定花力氣支援 OpenJDK (Corretto 計畫)」,現在這個計畫的 OpenJDK 8 進入 GA (General Availability):「">Amazon Corretto 8 Now Generally Available」。

之前有提到進入 GA 其中一個重點是提供 .rpm.deb 套件安裝,目前可以看到文件已經提供了,不過目前還只能手動下載安裝並更新:「Amazon Corretto 8 Installation instructions for Debian-based and RPM-based Linux distributions」。

與其他版本的差異可以在「Change Log for Amazon Corretto 8」這邊看到 AWS 修改的內容。

AWS 決定花力氣支援 OpenJDK (Corretto 計畫)

AWS 推出了 Amazon Corretto (其中 Corretto 這個名字應該是取自 Caffè corretto,還是跟咖啡有關的字),提供 OpenJDK 的長期支援:「Introducing Amazon Corretto, a No-Cost Distribution of OpenJDK with Long-Term Support」。

文章裡提到了幾個重點,第一個是目前先推出了 Corretto 8 Preview (對應到 OpenJDK 8),而之後 GA 會推出 UbuntuRHEL 上的套件,另外也打算推出 Corretto 11 (對應到將來的 OpenJDK 11):

The Corretto 8 preview corresponding to OpenJDK 8 is available at this time for Amazon Linux 2, Microsoft Windows, and macOS platforms and Docker image. Preview builds can be downloaded by visiting aws.amazon.com/corretto. General Availability is planned for Q1 2019, and will also include Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux platforms. Corretto 11 builds corresponding to Open JDK 11 on these platforms will follow with ample time for testing before April 2019.


Amazon will distribute security updates to Corretto 8 at no cost until at least June, 2023, and to Corretto 11 until at least August, 2024.