Raspberry Pi Ltd 上市

Raspberry Pi LtdLSE 上市了,代碼 RPI:「Raspberry Pi IPO」。

LSE 上的資料在「RASPBERRY PI HOLDINGS PLC」這邊,但這網頁開的速度... 有點... 感人?

上市後公司的走向通常都會有不少變化,接著看看 Raspberry Pi 6 的計畫吧?雖然 N100 的實用度會更好...


前幾天在 Hacker News 上看到這則:「Is Delaware the cheapest place to incorporate?」,當初只是瞄過去,但突然注意到提到 Taiwan:

I am living in Taiwan and want to create a startup. The business will be mostly open source and likely to have low to no revenue.

I see that US states like Colorado have no franchise tax. But I also saw posts here that Delaware is usually ultimately cheaper.

What is the recommendation for a company to manage an open source project? Sure it might be worth money, but likely not, so I would like to keep money tight.



然後目前最上面的留言給的答案給了很多 if-else 條件告訴你怎麼選:

I'm an attorney.

Delaware is definitely not the cheapest or even in contention for the cheapest.

Still, if you want to raise capital, the correct answer is DE C Corp. If you're not looking for external funding, any state will do. If you care about anonymity, do Nevada or Wyoming. If you don't care about anonymity, Colorado is actually a very good choice. Very simple, intuitive online filing system that accepts filings instantaneously. Filing fees as cheap as anywhere in the country. No need for an attorney (or LegalZoom or some other random service) unless you just don't feel like dealing with it.

Costs will likely be $50 to file, Registered Agent (as cheap as $30 per annum), and $10 periodic report fee annually every year you're in business. Colorado is even nice enough to send plenty of reminders on when to file that report if you give them an email address.

Since you're a US citizen, my instinct would be LLC taxed as an S corp. But confirm with your accountant!

Good luck!

下面其他的留言也差不多,另外剛好也有人問這位律師為什麼打算要募資的話,會選擇 Delaware:

It's just industry standard for capital raises. All corporate attorneys learn DE law when they go to law school and are expected to know it if they practice corporate law. A Colorado attorney doesn't know California law and a California attorney doesn't know New York law, but if they do corporate legal work, they're all expected to know how to deal with DE law.

因為學校裡教過,大家都知道要怎麼搞 XDDD

另外維基百科也有提到因為對企業友善,有很多公司是掛在 DE,甚至連 NYSE 都掛在 DE:

66% of the Fortune 500, including Walmart and Apple (two of the world's largest companies by revenue) are incorporated (and therefore have their domiciles for service of process purposes) in the state. Over half of all publicly traded corporations listed in the New York Stock Exchange (including its owner, Intercontinental Exchange) are incorporated in Delaware.


Georgi Gerganov 成立公司 GGML

Hacker News 首頁上看到 Georgi Gerganov 成立公司的計畫:「GGML – AI at the Edge (ggml.ai)」,官網在「GGML - AI at the edge」。

如同 Georgi Gerganov 提到的,llama.cpp 這些專案本來是他的 side project,結果意外的紅起來:

另外他提到了 Nat FriedmanDaniel Gross 也幫了一把:

在官網則是有提到是 pre-seed funding:

ggml.ai is a company founded by Georgi Gerganov to support the development of ggml. Nat Friedman and Daniel Gross provided the pre-seed funding.

現在回頭來看,當初 llama.cpp 會紅起來主要是因為 CPU 可以跑 LLaMA 7B,而且用 CPU 跑起來其實也不算慢。

後來吸引了很多人一起幫忙,於是有了不少 optimization (像是「llama.cpp 的載入速度加速」這邊用 mmap 減少需要載入的時間,並且讓多個 process 之間可以重複使用 cache),接下來又有 GPU 的支援...


PayPal 也要提供加密貨幣服務

先是看到「PayPal to allow cryptocurrency buying, selling and shopping on its network」這篇,另外翻到了 PayPal 的新聞稿:「PayPal Launches New Service Enabling Users to Buy, Hold and Sell Cryptocurrency」。

幾個比較重要的地方是,這次會提供的是 BitcoinEthereumBitcoin Cash 以及 Litecoin 這四種:

To increase consumer understanding and adoption of cryptocurrency, the company is introducing the ability to buy, hold and sell select cryptocurrencies, initially featuring Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, directly within the PayPal digital wallet.

會先提供美國 PayPal 的使用者使用,然後再展到其他服務以及地區:

The service will be available to PayPal accountholders in the U.S. in the coming weeks. The company plans to expand the features to Venmo and select international markets in the first half of 2021.

另外這次的服務也不是自己跳進去搞,而是透過 Paxos Trust Company 建立起防火牆,所以當加密貨幣那邊出包的時候大概就會切割出來:

The service is enabled in the U.S. through a partnership with Paxos Trust Company, a regulated provider of cryptocurrency products and services.



看到「Why we at $FAMOUS_COMPANY Switched to $HYPED_TECHNOLOGY」這篇,建議一定要搭著看 Hacker News 上的各種評論 (或者叫做「導讀」):「We at $Famous_company switched to $Hyped_technology (saagarjha.com)」。


另外討論裡面還有用到大量的 $VARIABLE 在嗆來嗆去,還被拿來反諷 Hacker News 上的各種 comments XD

原作者提到的這些技術文章大多都是 workaround,代表只有在很特定的情況下帶來的優點會大於缺點。

這些大公司會選擇某種 workaround 通常跟他公司內的政治因素有關,但在這些文章裡面都不會描述出來 (無論是作者不知道,或者知道但不能寫)。在沒有說明「為什麼會這樣 workaround」的前提下,其實文章看過、知道技術上有這種解法就好。

而且在實務上,除非你處理的資料量有一定的規模 (通常是在這些大公司內),不然一般人手上的資料量,以現在硬體的發展情勢,「暴力」其實可以解決很多問題。

整個產業透過雲端改變了不少以前的思維:這是個可以在 AWS 上租 x1e.32xlarge 把資料全部放到記憶體裡面 random access (128 vCPU + 3904 GB RAM),就算是寫爛的 O(n^2) 演算法,先開個幾千台 EC2 instance 撐著,再花時間慢慢解。

這跟以前自己弄硬體的思維跟雲端的思維玩法不一樣,「等產品衝起來再說」(或者說「活下去再還技術債」) 的可行性變得更高。

市場上有很多 VPN 都是由中國公司在後面營運

在「Hidden VPN owners unveiled: 97 VPN products run by just 23 companies」這篇分析了 VPN 產業裡面背後的公司。

其中有兩個比較重要的事情,第一個是很多公司 (或是集團) 都擁有多個 VPN 品牌 (甚至有到十個品牌的),所以如果想要透過多家 VPN 分散風險時,在挑的時候要看一下:


We discovered that a good amount of the free mobile-only VPNs are owned by Chinese companies, or companies run by Chinese nationals.

  • Innovative Connecting (10 VPN apps): Director Danian “Danny” Chen is a Chinese national (Chen’s LinkSure is the sole shareholder and shares the same address as Innovative Connecting)
  • Hotspot VPN (5 VPN apps): Director Zhu Jianpeng has a residential address in Heibei Province in China
  • Hi Security (3 apps): the VPN apps are part of Shenzhen HAWK Internet, a subsidiary of the Chinese major company TCL Corporation
  • SuperSoftTech (2 apps): while officially owned by Singapore-based SuperSoftTech, it actually belongs to independent app publisher Jinrong Zheng, a Chinese national based in Beijing.
  • LEILEI (2 apps): by the titles of the VPNs (all written in Chinese characters), it’s likely that this developer is Chinese or based in China
  • Newbreed Network Pte.Ltd (6 apps): again, while it has a Singapore address, the websites for its VPN apps SGreen VPN and NodeVPN are completely in Chinese, while NodeVPN’s site lists the People’s Republic of China as its location.

這些公司與產品都應該要直接避開... 在有能力的情況下,在 public cloud 上自己架設還是會比較保險。

Slack 丟出 S-1 要 IPO...

最近一波 IPO 潮,現在輪到了 Slack

Form S-! 的資料可以在「slacks-1.htm」這邊抓到,裡面有些數字可以看看,懶的看的話可以看 TechCrunch 的整理:「Slack files to go public, reports $138.9M in losses on revenue of $400.6M」。

算是相當快的,2013 年八月到現在還不到六年...

Travis CI 被併購...

Travis CIIdera 併購:「Travis CI joins the Idera family」。

沒聽過 Idera,而且其他的產品也沒聽過,可能要再多花點時間看看到底是什麼樣的公司... 然後再決定要不要整個跳槽到其他 CI 上,畢竟 CI/CD 這塊還是很吃信任問題,不光是 compliance 而已...

2018 年矽谷科技公司的薪資

不太意外的,排名起來加州這一區的科技公司的薪資還是最高的 (這邊包括了所有的所得,包括薪資、股票與分紅):「Top Paying Tech Companies of 2018」。

已經先整理出來的前五名分成「Entry-level / 1+ Yrs of Experience」、「Mid-level / 3+ Yrs of Experience」、「Been Around the Block / 5+ Yrs of Experience」三類,可以看到相對於年資的增加,薪資的調整也很快...


Google Chrome 70 在測試移除 EV SSL 的名稱標籤...

Twitter 上看到的:

不知道是什麼背景決定做這個實驗... 盯一下這個消息的後續發展 @_@