Wikimedia 弄了自己的 Mattermost

Wikimedia (維基百科後面的基金會) 又多了一個溝通工具:「Introducing Wikimedia Chat!」。

最傳統的方式是在 wiki 的 Talk 頁上溝通 (現在看起來還是有些正式的投票討論需要走這個方式),但那個界面用起來真的頗痛苦... 一般的社群討論還是會在其他工具上進行。

先前有晃進去看過的平台應該是 IRC 與 Telegram 群組,不過後來因為量太大就閃出來了,另外這邊有提到 SlackDiscordFacebook

You can now see Wikimedia-related discussion groups in Slack, Discord, Telegram, Facebook, and many more.


Besides being scattered and inaccessible to people who don’t have accounts in those platforms (for privacy reasons for example), these platforms use proprietary and closed-source software, are outside Wikimedia infrastructure and some harvest our personal data for profit.

freenode 上面的 IRC 算是相對起來比較開放,但還是少了不少功能,所以就自己架了 Mattermost 出來:

IRC on is a good alternative but it lacks basic functionalities of a modern chat platform. So we created Wikimedia Chat, a Mattermost instance hosted in Wikimedia Cloud.

比較特別的是超過 90 天的記錄會被砍掉?不太懂這邊的邏輯...

As a Wikimedia Cloud project, all of discussions, private and public are covered by Code of conduct in technical spaces and due to Wikimedia Cloud privacy policy all discussions older than ninety days will be deleted.

iOS 上的 Yubikey

在「Yubico iOS Authentication Expands to Include NFC」這邊看到 iOS 13 上對於 NFC 類的 MFA 會有的進展。

主要是因為之前的 NFC 只有讀取能力,所以 U2F/FIDO2/WebAuthn 之類的應用沒有辦法套用上去:

Previously, NFC on iOS was read-only, which meant that it couldn’t support modern authentication protocols like FIDO U2F, FIDO2/WebAuthn that require both read and write capabilities – but now that has changed.

iOS 13 後開放了 API 可以讀寫,所以有辦法支援這些協定了:

With these recent updates, iPhone users (running iOS 13+) can experience mobile NFC authentication with a YubiKey 5 NFC or Security Key NFC by Yubico on apps and browsers that have added support.

對於主力放在 Apple Ecosystem 的人,總算是等到了...