eBay 提供的 TSV 工具組

Hacker News Daily 上看到的,eBay 提供了操作 TSV 的工具組:「eBay/tsv-utils」。

看到了兩個比較少見的東西,第一個是軟體授權是 permissive license (Boost Software License),第二個是使用的程式語言是 D...

TSV 的確是比 CSV 好用不少,只是會用的單位好像有限...

資料裡還蠻常見出現 , 的情況 (得用 double quote 包起來,但是再遇到 double quote 的時候就用 double double quote...),但比較少遇到會有 tab 出現...

PHP 7.3 的 function 也會支援 trailing comma 了

這投票殺來殺去了好幾次才過,從 PHP 7.3 開始在 function 呼叫時就能接受 trailing comma 了:「PHP RFC: Allow a trailing comma in function calls」。

Wait, didn't we just vote on this?

Yes, there was an RFC to add trailing commas to all list syntax in PHP 7.2. Unfortunately due to an oversight on my end, the vote for function calls and function declarations was combined into one vote so the vote failed (but just barely!)

I was contacted by many “no” voters saying that they would have voted “yes” for function calls, but “no” for function declarations. This RFC proposes allowing a trailing comma in function call syntax only.

We are allowed to put this feature up for vote again since the mandatory 6-month waiting period has passed since the last vote and this RFC targets a new major version of PHP.

這次以 30:10 過了... (需要 2/3 以上同意)