X/Twitter 在惡搞外部連結結果被抓包玩陰的


Hacker News 上看到 X (前 Twitter) 惡搞他們不喜歡的外部連結,然後被抓包,以及恢復的故事:「Tell HN: t.co is adding a five-second delay to some domains」。

有人發現 t.co 指到 nytimes.com 或是 threads.net 的連結會有很固定的五秒 delay:

Go to Twitter and click on a link going to any url on "NYTimes.com" or "threads.net" and you'll see about a ~5 second delay before t.co forwards you to the right address.

Twitter won't ban domains they don't like but will waste your time if you visit them.

I've been tracking the NYT delay ever since it was added (8/4, roughly noon Pacific time), and the delay is so consistent it's obviously deliberate.

然後就被 Washington Post 報導出來了:「Elon Musk’s X is throttling traffic to websites he dislikes」,在報導後沒多久,這個機制就被取消掉了。

居然玩陰的 XDDD