Firefox 48 將引入 Multi-process 模式

現在是 Firefox 47,也就是下個版本就會引入 Multi-process 模式了:「Firefox 48 finally enables Electrolysis for multi-process goodness」。

Multi-process 模式也就是 Electrolysis,這對權限的分離 (sandbox) 以及效能的提昇有著顯著的幫助:

Electrolysis functionality hosts, renders, or executes web related content in background child processes which communicate with the "parent" Firefox browser via various ipdl protocols. The two major advantages of this model are security and performance. Security improvements are accomplished through security sandboxing, performance improvements are born out of the fact that multiple processes better leverage available client computing power.

這算是個開頭,地基打出來以後,之後就可以拆更多東西到其他的 child process。

IE7 與 IE8 上的 :nth-child...

Zite 推薦快兩年前的文章... 在「Poor man’s nth-child selector for IE 7 and 8」看到用 + 來硬幹 nth-child()...


/* standard nth */ li:nth-child(3)
    /* styles for the 3rd LI */}

遇到 IE{7,8} 時可以這樣幹:

/* IE nth */>li + li + li 
    /* styles for the 3rd LI */}


/* alternate, more specific IE nth */>li:first-child + li + li 
    /* styles for the 3rd LI */}

印象中很久前有看到一堆這類硬幹的技巧,不過都忘光了... 寫一篇記錄下來 XD