libchewing 更新,0.6.0 釋出

新酷音的 libchewing 專案釋出了 0.6.0,上次的 release 的 0.5.1 是 2016 年了:「Release v0.6.0 · chewing/libchewing」。

This release contains many improvements and bug fixes. It's the first release since 2016. We have started a major rewrite in Rust so we expect to have more frequent releases in the following months.

Contributors to chewing/libchewing 這邊可以看到近期主要是 kanru 的貢獻,然後就如同上面引用的 release note 中提到的,目前朝著 Rust 這邊開始走。

另外一個比較大的改變 (build stage 的) 是把本來用 autotools 的部分換成 cmake 了:

Add several CMake presets for supported configurations [Kan-ru Chen]. #424

CMake minimum version changed to 3.21.0

Autotools build tools are removed. CMake is the recommended way to build libchewing.

整體看起來,這版看起來主要是把這七年多的各種 bugfix 整理起來出一個 release 了,讓各 repository 可以更新一波?