AWS Chatbot 支援 Slack

看到「AWS Chatbot now supports running commands from Slack (beta)」以及「Running AWS commands from Slack using AWS Chatbot」這篇文章,裡面提到了 AWS Chatbot 現在支援 Slack,本來是自己找 3rd-party software 接,現在包成服務了:

AWS Chatbot now supports running AWS commands and actions from Slack.

然後因為 AWS Chatbot 可以 invoke lambda,所以很多功能都可以用這個方法接起來:

You can retrieve diagnostic information, invoke Lambda functions and create AWS Support cases right from your Slack channels, so your team can collaborate and respond to events faster.

有些常用功能就直接放進內建功能了,像是讀 CloudWatch Logs:

In addition to running commands, you can also retrieve Amazon CloudWatch logs by simply clicking the “Show logs” button on CloudWatch Alarms notifications in Slack. AWS Chatbot supports actions for displaying logs for AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway.