ARC (Authenticated Received Chain)

標題的 ARC 是指 Authenticated Received Chain,是前陣子在 Hacker News 上看到「Gmail accepts forged YouTube emails (」這篇才發現的東西,原文在「Gmail accepts forged YouTube emails」這邊。

作者發現 Gmail 收了從不是直接從 YouTube 發出來的信件:

主要的原因是,Gmail 除了使用標準的 SPFDKIM 判斷外,還吃上面提到的 ARC。

查了一下 ARC,標準是 RFC 8617,目前還是被標成 experimental,主打是解決 forwarding 的問題,看了一下作者群是 LinkedIn (Microsoft)、GoogleValimail

ARC 這東西與之前 Google 在強推的 AMP (然後被罰) 以及現在在推的 Signed HTTP Exchanges 都有相同的味道,無視 security & privacy concern 的東西...

Framework 筆電也遇到缺料問題,換了音源晶片

Framework 的筆電最近在社群很紅,模組化設計讓維修變容易,而且也有許多規格上的客製化空間。在「Marketplace」這頁可以看到很多東西可以換,除了比較常見的無線網卡、SSD、記憶體以外,像是主機板、鍵盤甚至連 USB、HDMI 接口都是模組。

不過這邊要提到的是 audio chip 也在這波 supply chain 的供貨問題而中招了:「Solving for Silicon Shortages」,Hacker News 上的討論「Framework: Solving for Silicon Shortages (」也可以看一下。

從文章裡看起來是 Realtek ALC295 的交期爆炸了:

Chips that would normally have 16-20 week lead times (meaning we’d place typically binding orders that far ahead of needing parts in our hands) went up to 52 weeks. In one case, we even got notified of a 68 week lead time on a chip!

We were able to get enough Realtek ALC295 audio CODECs to develop the Framework Laptop and get through the first few months of production, but nowhere near enough to fulfill ongoing demand from the US and Canada, let alone the additional countries we’d like to ship to.

所以決定換到 Tempo 92HD95B

Luckily, we were able to find an alternative CODEC that lets us stay in production: the Tempo 92HD95B.

查了一下 datasheet,本來的 Realtek ALC295 是 QFN-48,而 Tempo 92HD95B 是 QFN-40,看起來得改不少東西... 應該是連 open market 上都翻不到而被迫換設計,跟我們家的情況也很像,看起來最近大家都哭到爆炸了 :o

Raspberry Pi 4 2GB 版本「暫時」漲價,另外 1GB 版本回歸

Raspberry Pi 宣佈 Raspberry Pi 4 的 2GB 版本將從 US$35 漲到 US$45,另外本來淘汰掉的 1GB 版本回歸,賣 US$35:「Supply chain, shortages, and our first-ever price increase」。

In February last year, we announced that we were discontinuing the 1GB variant of Raspberry Pi 4, and moving the 2GB product to our signature price of $35. We’re still glad we did this, as countless young people made use of this device as they studied from home during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, cost increases caused by the current shortage mean that this product is not currently economically viable at this reduced price point. We are therefore moving it back to $45 on a temporary basis.

To support the many industrial customers who have designed the 2GB variant of Raspberry Pi 4 into their products, we are reintroducing the 1GB variant at the $35 price point. This provides a degree of choice: less memory at the same price; or the same memory at a higher price.

然後共用 40nm 製程的 3B+ 會暫時先被降低優先權,產能會優先提供給 CM3CM3+3B

In allocating our limited stocks of 40nm silicon, we will prioritise Compute Module 3, Compute Module 3+, and Raspberry Pi 3B, and deprioritise Raspberry Pi 3B+.