AWS Outposts 總算要開始出貨了

去年 AWSre:Invent 喊的 AWS Outposts 總算是有東西要出貨了:「AWS Outposts Now Available – Order Yours Today!」。

放在自家實體的機櫃,然後掛到 AWS 上變成一個特殊的 region。目前一個特殊的 region 只能放 16 個機櫃,但預期之後可以更多:

Capacity Expansion – Today, you can group up to 16 racks into a single capacity pool. Over time we expect to allow you to group thousands of racks together in this manner.

不過要注意的是,需要有 AWS Enterprise Support 才能下單,而且看起來硬體的維修也包在內了:

Support – You must subscribe to AWS Enterprise Support in order to purchase an Outpost. We will remotely monitor your Outpost, and keep it happy & healthy over time. We’ll look for failing components and arrange to replace them without disturbing your operations.

看了一下價錢的頁面,如果以北美的 upfront 來算,最便宜的是 OR-L8IF4WFOR-I0OGL02 的 USD$225,504.81,最貴的是 OR-HSZHMMF 的 USD$898,129.52,暫時應該用不到 XDDD

Backblaze 開了歐洲區機房

Backblaze 開了歐洲機房,所以包括了一般性的 Computer BackupB2 Cloud Storage 都可以選擇要放哪邊了...


Big news: Our first European data center, in Amsterdam, is open and accepting customer data!


Whether you choose EU Central or US West, your pricing for our products will be unchanged:


CloudFront 在北美增加了一堆節點...

CloudFront 在北美增加了一堆節點:「Amazon CloudFront announces ten new Edge locations in North America, Europe, and Asia」。

北美一口氣增開了八個,提升了 40% 的 capacity:

Amazon CloudFront announces ten new Edge locations, adding to our global presence. Eight of the new Edge locations are in North America: Houston, Texas (our first location in this city), Chicago, Illinois, Newark, New Jersey, Los Angeles, California, and Ashburn, Virginia. We also added an Edge location in Berlin, Germany, as well as one in Tokyo, Japan.

With this launch, CloudFront will increase its request processing capacity by up to 40%, on average, in the North American cities.


AWS 允許 Hybrid Cloud 下的 DNS Query

AWS 對於 Hybrid Cloud (混合雲,通常是講與傳統機房的混搭應用,也就是雲端跟地端的混搭) 推出兩個功能,一個是讓 AWS 的 DNS Resolver 對於某些 domain 可以回機房端查詢 (雲端查詢地端 domain)。另外一種是反過來,讓機房端的 DNS Resolver 可以查 AWS 這邊的資料 (地端查詢雲端 domain):「New – Amazon Route 53 Resolver for Hybrid Clouds」。


  • 建立 EC2 instance,在上面跑 Unbound,然後 EC2 instance 的 DNS servers 設定要指到這邊。
  • 由於 EC2 的 DHCP 服務沒有辦法指定發放的 IP range,所以為了多重意外而中獎 (關機的時候剛好有其他機器 DHCP 拿到這組 IP),需要開獨立的 subnet 只放固定 IP 的服務。
  • 為了系統的穩定性,需要在兩個不同 AZ (或是三個) 架設這些 DNS Resolver,所以對應有兩個或是三個 subnet 得建立。

而地端到雲端通常會簡單一些,因為地端通常都已經有內部的 DNS Resolver 可以用,通常只需要在雲上面有 proxy 的角色就可以解決。

不過現在這些 AWS 都直接提供了:


Hybrid Cloud is available today in US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), Europe (Ireland), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo) and Asia Pacific (Singapore), with other commercial regions to follow.

費用的部分不算便宜 (跟自己弄三台 t3.nano 比起來),但畢竟不需要自己管理,而且對於已經有機房的單位應該只是零頭而已:

Route 53 Resolver remains free for DNS queries served within your VPC. Resolver Endpoints use Elastic Network Interfaces (ENIs) costing $0.125 per hour. DNS queries that are resolved by a Conditional Forwarding Rule or a Resolver Endpoint cost $0.40 per million queries up to the first billion and $0.20 per million after that.

Cloudflare 增加在柬埔寨的點...

Cloudflare 在柬埔寨設點了:「ជំរាបសួរ! - Phnom Penh: Cloudflare’s 122nd Data Center」。


By the end of 2018, we expect that 95% of the world's population will live in a country with a Cloudflare data center, as we grow our global network to span 200 cities.

也就是今年年底要達到 95% 的人口涵蓋率...

Google Cloud Platform 要開大阪區的消息...

Google Cloud Platform 放出要開大阪區的消息:「GCP is building its second Japanese region in Osaka」。

AWS 在去年年中的時候也有類似的消息,不過還沒看到後續的公告:「AWS 在 2018 年要開大阪區」。

東京區的成長都這麼快嗎... 還是大阪會比較便宜?

Amazon 西雅圖辦公室拿隔壁棟 Data Center 的廢熱當空調

Amazon 的其中一個辦公室拿隔壁 data center 的廢熱借來當自己辦公室的空調:「Amazon to use data centre waste heat to warm corporate offices」,原始報導在「The super-efficient heat source hidden below Amazon's Seattle headquarters」。除了嘗試省電省成本以外,對企業形象也比較好...

隔壁 Westin Building Exchange 的地址是「2001 6th Ave #300, Seattle, WA 98121」,辦公室則是在「2040 6th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121」,無論是從地址上看,或是 Google Maps 上可以看,都可以看出來兩棟就在旁邊而已,拉管線就簡單很多了。

預定二十五年省 80M 度電,所以一年大約是 3.2M 度,以「Seattle, WA Electricity Rates | Electricity Local」這邊給的數字來算,商業用店每度是 USD$0.068,每年大約省下 USD$217,600 (所以每年大約可以省下台幣六百萬),以 3800 人的辦公室來說其實有點微妙,不過以 PR 的角度還看其實就很划算了 XDDD:

It is expected, over the course of 25 years, to save approximately 80 million kWh of electricity use by Amazon.


AWS EU (Stockholm) Region

由老大 Werner Vogels 出來講一些細節...

AWS EU (Stockholm) Region 預定在 2018 年開張營業:「Välkommen till Stockholm – An AWS Region is coming to the Nordics」。

The new AWS EU (Stockholm) Region will have three Availability Zones and will be ready for customers to use in 2018.

這會是歐洲第五個 Region (還有一個法國預定在今年開):

The new AWS EU (Stockholm) Region, coupled with the existing AWS Regions in Dublin, Frankfurt, and London, and a future one in France, will provide customers with quick, low-latency access to websites, mobile applications, games, SaaS applications, big data analysis, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and more.

Linode 東京第二機房預定在十二月開放

Linode 在「Network Update: Multihomed, Increased Transit, Peering」這邊提到:

We’re opening a brand new Tokyo facility next month. This will enable customers in the region to take advantage of several recent Linode announcements: KVM hypervisor, our latest plan specs including double the RAM and SSD servers, and mass availability. Stay tuned for the announcement within the next few weeks.


Bitmain 的生意愈做愈大了...

Bitmain 做到打算直接弄一座 data center 來挖 Bitcoin:「Chinese firm building 135MW bitcoin data centre」。居然還是用綠色能源來玩出全世界第三大吃電資料中心:

The complex, which will be capable of pulling 135 megawatts of power placing it at #3 of the most powerful data centres in the world, will operate primarily on wind and solar power.

Bitmain 的 AntPool 應該是目前最大的 mining pool:

Bitmain already controls an estimated 18.6% of hashpower worldwide, and many independent miners in the community expressed concern that controlling a massive data centre dedicated to mining bitcoin would give the company too much influence over bitcoin.

關於 AntPool 佔整個 pool 的計算力這邊是寫 18.6%,不過照「Bitcoin Hashrate Distribution」這邊的資料,目前降到 17.4% 了... 而我記得各種攻擊手法中,最低的應該是 25% 的攻擊:「Majority is not Enough: Bitcoin Mining is Vulnerable」,不知道會不會超過...