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Amazon 西雅圖辦公室拿隔壁棟 Data Center 的廢熱當空調

Amazon 的其中一個辦公室拿隔壁 data center 的廢熱借來當自己辦公室的空調:「Amazon to use data centre waste heat to warm corporate offices」,原始報導在「The super-efficient heat source hidden below Amazon's Seattle headquarters」。除了嘗試省電省成本以外,對企業形象也比較好...

隔壁 Westin Building Exchange 的地址是「2001 6th Ave #300, Seattle, WA 98121」,辦公室則是在「2040 6th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121」,無論是從地址上看,或是 Google Maps 上可以看,都可以看出來兩棟就在旁邊而已,拉管線就簡單很多了。

預定二十五年省 80M 度電,所以一年大約是 3.2M 度,以「Seattle, WA Electricity Rates | Electricity Local」這邊給的數字來算,商業用店每度是 USD$0.068,每年大約省下 USD$217,600 (所以每年大約可以省下台幣六百萬),以 3800 人的辦公室來說其實有點微妙,不過以 PR 的角度還看其實就很划算了 XDDD:

It is expected, over the course of 25 years, to save approximately 80 million kWh of electricity use by Amazon.


AWS EU (Stockholm) Region

由老大 Werner Vogels 出來講一些細節...

AWS EU (Stockholm) Region 預定在 2018 年開張營業:「Välkommen till Stockholm – An AWS Region is coming to the Nordics」。

The new AWS EU (Stockholm) Region will have three Availability Zones and will be ready for customers to use in 2018.

這會是歐洲第五個 Region (還有一個法國預定在今年開):

The new AWS EU (Stockholm) Region, coupled with the existing AWS Regions in Dublin, Frankfurt, and London, and a future one in France, will provide customers with quick, low-latency access to websites, mobile applications, games, SaaS applications, big data analysis, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and more.

Bitmain 的生意愈做愈大了...

Bitmain 做到打算直接弄一座 data center 來挖 Bitcoin:「Chinese firm building 135MW bitcoin data centre」。居然還是用綠色能源來玩出全世界第三大吃電資料中心:

The complex, which will be capable of pulling 135 megawatts of power placing it at #3 of the most powerful data centres in the world, will operate primarily on wind and solar power.

Bitmain 的 AntPool 應該是目前最大的 mining pool:

Bitmain already controls an estimated 18.6% of hashpower worldwide, and many independent miners in the community expressed concern that controlling a massive data centre dedicated to mining bitcoin would give the company too much influence over bitcoin.

關於 AntPool 佔整個 pool 的計算力這邊是寫 18.6%,不過照「Bitcoin Hashrate Distribution」這邊的資料,目前降到 17.4% 了... 而我記得各種攻擊手法中,最低的應該是 25% 的攻擊:「Majority is not Enough: Bitcoin Mining is Vulnerable」,不知道會不會超過...

Linode 東京第二機房的訪談 (a.k.a. PR 稿)

前幾天提到的「Linode 東京機房擴充的工作...」,這幾天 Linode 就開始發 PR 稿造勢了:「Behind The Scenes: Details About Upcoming Tokyo 2 DC Launch」,把重點拉出來。

新機房在品川 (Shinagawa),原文應該是打錯了 (n 跟 b 差一格而已):

Linode will be opening a new datacenter in Shibagawa ward, Tokyo, Japan, this fall and I was able to interview Linode’s datacenter operations manager, Brett Kaplan, who answered questions I asked regarding the upcoming Tokyo datacenter launch.

目標在 2016Q4 上線:

Soh: Can you say when this new datacenter is expected to come online?
Brett: We are hoping to launch later in Q4 this year.

用的是 Equinix 的機房:(然後這邊的 Shinagawa 是對的 XD)

Soh: So, where did you decide to establish the second Tokyo location?
Brett: We are utilizing an Equinix datacenter in Shinagawa ward Tokyo, Japan.

這樣看起來應該是「Tokyo TY2 Network Interconnection」這個...

ING Bank 在羅馬尼亞的機房出事...

ING Bank 在羅馬尼亞的機房發生資料損毀:「A Loud Sound Just Shut Down a Bank's Data Center for 10 Hours」。

不過原因是因為火災測試時噴發的音量太大,導致硬碟故障 XDDD

ING Bank’s main data center in Bucharest, Romania, was severely damaged over the weekend during a fire extinguishing test. In what is a very rare but known phenomenon, it was the loud sound of inert gas being released that destroyed dozens of hard drives. The site is currently offline and the bank relies solely on its backup data center, located within a couple of miles’ proximity.



Nuclear Fallout Shelter 照字面翻是核放射塵碉堡,意思上算是可以對抗輻射塵的防空洞,用 Google Translate 翻出來是「核輻射避難所」,感覺也頗貼切的啦...

而 C14 project 則是 Online.net 在巴黎的核輻射避難所建立 data center 的玩意:「C14 story - Part 1 Meet Our Nuclear Fallout Shelter

在地下 26 公尺,如果一層樓三米的話,大約是已經是地下八樓到九樓的位置了:

Starting in October 2016, you will be able to store all your critical C14 data in our fallout shelter, located 26 meters underground in Paris, France.

整個計畫在 2012 年從法國政府買下來,然後開始重建:

In 2011, the French state, owner of the building, decided to move the Ponts et Chaussées' central laboratory in the Parisian suburb and started to dismantle the building.

The Ponts et Chaussées' central laboratory buildings were revamped and divided in multiple bundles to be sold and transformed in multi-unit housing. The main building and the shelter were sold separately via a public invitation to tender. Online landed the deal in September 2012 with the project to build a Datacenter. The project’s codename is DC4.



Google Cloud Platform 美西機房

Google Cloud 在七月的時候開放了美西機房:「Introducing Cloud Natural Language API, Speech API open beta and our West Coast region expansion」,而且東京機房也快開了:

And as we announced in March, Tokyo will be coming online later this year and we will announce more than 10 additional regions in 2017.

看到「Why we moved from Amazon Web Services to Google Cloud Platform?」的時候去找資料才發現的。這篇讓我重新算了一次成本,如果不計算 Bandwidth Cost 的話,GCE 整體的 f1-micro 記憶體 + 20GB 比 DigitalOcean 多 (不過 DO 給的是 SSD 就是了),而且還比較便宜啊...

不過如果把頻寬成本算進去,Internet Egress (i.e. Outbound bandwidth) 一定要走 Google Network,這點就比較傷了... 有美西機房後,看起來可以開始考慮用看看就是了 :o